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What are the factors affecting the themed wedding planning? - Pearl Academy

The best kind of weddings are those that have a personal touch to it and include things that are important to the bride and groom in their subtle way. One of the best ways to make a wedding more personal is by incorporating themes, which can be dictated by a color, an era, or a shared love for any particular thing. Ideas can also be used to pull together all the diverse elements of the wedding into a unified version – the wedding invitations, cake, and gifts are a great way to show off the wedding theme.

Here is a look at some factors that you need to keep in mind while planning out a themed wedding:

1.The venue:

It is essential to take into account the location of the wedding while zeroing down on a wedding theme. For example, if you’re having a beach wedding, it won’t make sense to have a winter wonderland theme. Likewise, if you’re getting married at a farmhouse, a fancy dress theme most likely won’t blend. However, a barn location blends in perfectly with a rustic theme. So, choose the theme that goes by your wedding venue and goes through with it.

2.The couple personality:

Understand the couple’s personalities at the outset. Are there any things they both love to do together? This could be a good start when deciding on a theme. For example, if they both love football or obsess over Game of Thrones, maybe that could be a part of your wedding theme. You can make a list of all the things that hold a special meaning for the both and see if it can be a part of the theme. The list can include anything from food, books, activities, colours, and clothes.

3.The budget:

Sadly, when it comes to weddings, the sky is almost never the limit. Before you start going theme shopping and filling your Pinterest board with all the fresh ideas, take into account your overall budget. If the theme you’ve chosen is burning a massive hole in your pocket – then you can either have a few elements to show off the theme (the centerpieces on the tables, colour choices, and guest takeaways) or go with a theme that isn’t too big of a task.

4.The future:

While it might be fun to have a crazy wedding theme and make every element fit that theme, remember to not go overboard with it. This isn’t always the best idea as you would be looking back to your wedding pictures for ages to come. So, set a limit on the theme and don’t end up randomly dressing as the characters from your favorite fantasy movie.

The most important thing is that the wedding theme should hold some significance to the couple. Perhaps there’s a story behind it? Something that would make the crowds say “yeah, that suits them the best?” Take your time coming to this decision and show off the personalities that are unique to the couple.

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