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Pearl Academy Alumnus Wins Grazia Young Fashion Awards 2024 - Pearl Academy

By Kama Choudhary

Meet Pratyush Kumar Maurya, a graduate from Pearl Academy’s Delhi Campus, where he studied Fashion Design from 2007 to 2011. Recently, Pratyush received a prestigious honour: the Grazia Young Fashion Awards 2024 in the sustainability category for his brand, PIEUX.

Grazia Young Fashion Awards 2024 celebrates the brightest talents in the fashion industry, and Pratyush’s win underscores his commitment to sustainable fashion. The Grazia Young Fashion Awards represent more than just recognition; they validate years of hard work, dedication, and unwavering commitment to a cause greater than oneself. The jury, comprising notable figures in the fashion and entertainment industry such as Anaita Shroff Adjania, Ekta Rajani, Mehernaz Dhondy, Sabina Chopra, Edward Lalrempuia, and Aparna Badlani, recognised Pratyush’s innovative approach to sustainability as exemplary in the industry.

“Winning an award is a source of great pleasure and honour. The recognition from Grazia Young Fashion Awards holds special significance for us, as it acknowledges our commitment to sustainability and circularity. Being bestowed an award by Grazia, a prestigious fashion media house, validates that we are moving in the right direction with our efforts,” says Pratyush.

From his days as a student at Pearl Academy to his current success as a trailblazer in the fashion world, Pratyush’s journey is both inspiring and impactful.

In 2022, armed with a fervent desire to effect change, Pratyush embarked on a mission to revolutionise the fashion industry with the launch of PIEUX. His brand quickly garnered attention for its innovative approach to sustainability, winning accolades such as the Circular Design Challenge in the same year.

Pearl Academy Alumnus Wins Grazia Young Fashion Awards 2024

Born out of a deep-seated passion for eco-conscious design, PIEUX represents Pratyush’s vision of a fashion industry that transcends fleeting trends and embraces a future where style is synonymous with sustainability. With circularity at its core, PIEUX seamlessly merges traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques to create exquisitely crafted products that redefine luxury for the conscientious consumer.

Their diverse collections, including Prêt-a-porter and Prêt-a-couture lines for women, men, and kids, along with fashion accessories, blend western aesthetics with inspiration drawn from the wonders of science and nature. From microscopic life to captivating illusions, their designs encapsulate a fusion of creativity and consciousness.

Pratyush’s journey to this momentous occasion traces back to his formative years at Pearl Academy, where he immersed himself in the intricacies of fashion design. It was here that he cultivated the skills and expertise that would later propel him to the forefront of the sustainable fashion movement.

“Pearl Academy laid the cornerstone of my fashion education, equipping me with essential knowledge and technical skills,” reflects Pratyush. “Its diverse modules provided a comprehensive understanding of various industry aspects, setting the stage for my career in fashion.”

Beyond his triumphs on the runway, Pratyush’s impact extends far and wide, with collaborations that transcend boundaries and spark conversations. His partnership with global entertainment giant Cartoon Network for a sustainable fashion collection reflects his vision of fashion as a force for positive change.

In a world where fashion often comes at the expense of the environment, Pratyush Kumar Maurya serves as a beacon of hope, proving that style and sustainability can coexist harmoniously on the runway of life. As he continues to push the boundaries of innovation and consciousness, his legacy will endure as a testament to the transformative power of fashion done right.

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