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Enabling Students to Craft International Careers through Global Immersion - Pearl Academy

By Fibin Vishnu Raj, Associate Professor & Department Lead, South Zone, Fashion & Textiles Department, Pearl Academy
“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

These words echo the ethos that all educational institutions should follow. The best guides and teachers propagate that real learning happens when we open the doors of our minds to let inspiration flow in, and nothing inspires us more than exposing ourselves to something new. For this reason, global immersion is essential for students as it broadens their horizons, develops their cultural sensitivity, and encourages flexibility in an increasingly globalized world.

Let’s now talk about this from the perspective of students studying fashion and design. Beyond national boundaries and global exposure can be a life-changing event that fosters creativity and builds resilience and adaptation in students by exposing them to a variety of cultures, designers, craftspeople, and techniques. Through this, students gain valuable experience in diverse environments, improve collaboration, and face real-world challenges. This enriches not only their education but also prepares them in both their personal and professional success.

Pearl Academy

Realising the profound impact international exposure can have on the creative minds of tomorrow, Pearl Academy champions global immersion. With a legacy of over three decades, Pearl Academy has influenced over 15,000 students, enabling overseas travel and learning experiences for over 3000 students, empowering them with top notch design oriented international experiences. Such commitments to global awareness, combined with a focus on tech expertise and life skills, has been a cornerstone of Pearl Academy’s approach in preparing students to thrive in a world that’s challenging.

Demonstrating its strong belief in global immersion, the institution offers a two-week global immersion program into its course curriculum. Recently, a group of 66 students embarked on a journey of cultural exchange and learning to the heart of fashion hubs– London, United Kingdon.

Pearl Academy

From February 13 to 22, these students delved deep into the vibrant and dynamic world of fashion in one of the world’s fashion capitals. Their itinerary was meticulously crafted to provide a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of the industry while immersing them in the rich culture of the city.

Students were not mere spectators; they actively participated in Masterclasses, workshops, events, and activities that provided hands-on experience and invaluable insights into London’s Fashion Scenario. Masterclass on colour, by colour expert Laura Lightbody Tutor of Fashion Styling at London School of Trends, styling techniques, trend forecasting talk with Milena Lazazera, British Vogue Luxury Editor and The Beauty Boom- the workshop and demo of makeup by Carlos Palma, Celebrity Artist Director, UK equipped them with practical skills essential for their future careers. Major highlights of their journey were their involvement in the prestigious London Fashion Week. They worked tirelessly as backstage and front-of-house assistants gaining firsthand experience into the fast-paced and exhilarating environment of high-profile fashion events for designers such as Rocky S and Gopi Vaid, Karn Malhotra, Nitin Bal Chauhan as part of the show Medusa, also for brands and designers showcased at Fashion Scout China – La’Decente by Rae Lei, AFMN by Ophelia Song, E7W Studiio by Yiki Wung and Chiyue.

Pearl Academy

Additionally, they had the opportunity to work under the guidance of Creative Director Joseph Toronka on styling for two fashion shows, taking on responsibilities such as sourcing garments and accessories. And assisted Joseph in three photoshoots, gaining valuable insights into the creative process behind fashion photography. The program offered unparalleled opportunities to the students helping them develop a keen eye for the Design and Fashion world’s creative dimensions. Beyond participating in the London Fashion Week, the students also had the privilege of attending various fashion events as esteemed guests.

The immersion program also offered cultural excursions to prominent landmarks and museums, deepening their educational journey and understanding culture. Moreover, time to time guidance from FWTC mentors—seasoned professionals in the fashion industry—offered them profound insights into forging a successful career on the global fashion stage.

Pearl Academy

Pearl Academy’s international initiatives extend beyond global immersions with several dedicated programs and academic pathways that enable students to build global careers. While the students’ success hinges on academic achievements and compelling portfolios, the institution’s commitment to nurturing complete creative professionals attuned to the global market significantly benefits them. This approach not only maximises their educational experience but also promises rewarding careers in all areas of Design.

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