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Ten Best Wedding Trends of 2018 - Pearl Academy

Trends come, and trends go; such is their nature. Some are good, some are debatable, and most of them are just plain weird. Out of the many trends that have existed over time in the different area, with broad and differing cultural aspects attached to it, many have been left behind in the dust. Weddings are no exception to this, and a whole new range of wedding trends have come out in 2018 that are bound to stay for quite some time.

1) Peppy props

Most people tend to use weddings as an excuse – after all, most of us want to flaunt our stunning dresses! In this case, props are a great way to add something extra to selfies and fun group shots. They’re easily accessible, cheap, and add a bit of quirkiness to the environment. On top of all this, making DIY-ing wedding props is also a quick bit of fun!

2) Pre-wedding shoot

A dreamy location, wardrobe changes, perfect poses, and your custom-fairytale wedding memoirs – these aren’t something limited only to Karan Johar’s movies. With pre-wedding shoots, you can recreate any romantic movie scene you like or anything creative that pops up in your head.

3) Half Mehendi – Half Sassy

Henna trends have changed for the better. Gone are the days when it was apparent for the bride to coat her hands and arms with Mehendi – not to mention also hiding the first letter of the groom’s name somewhere in the middle. Although this trend has not disappeared entirely, the concept of minimal and quirky Mehendi has started to hit the Indian wedding scene, which has come as a blessing for those who hate soaking their hands in it.

4) Gota used in the decor

Gota has evolved from a material that’s added only to your blouse and lehenga; it is now a means of decor in the wedding business, and looks just as lovely as flowers, fairy lights, and props in decorations. It’s a cheap and fun way to add shimmer to the venue.

5) Bright and themed Mehendi functions

The Mehendi decor has moved on from the over-hyped indoor function to a classy, bright, and fun event with subtle decor colours like mint and peach. Furthermore, people are obsessing over themes this season as well. From a village-themed Mehendi to Arabian-styled patterns – these forms of Mehendi are trending like never before.

6) Matching jaimalas

Instead of boring age-old red jaimalas used since the beginning of time, couples are now matching these jaimalas with their outfits, which simply looks adorable!

7) Tagging it right

We can’t forget about tags when talking about wedding trends, can we? Hashtags have become the new hip thing for weddings. From Facebook Live to Instagram Stories, it’s there for the people to follow and absentees to witness the celebrations. It is also a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding.

8) Not-so-traditional bridal wear

Gone are the times when red was the go-to colour for every bride – it has become one of the prettiest trends for Indian weddings as a wide range of colours and hues have made their way into the wedding attire. Right from Sabyasachi to Anita Dongre, there’s a variety of dark and subtle colours in the closet at your disposal! Subtle is the new black, guys.

9) Jackets and capes!

Be it lehengas, suits, or a classy saree – jackets and capes have come into play as an innovative accessory, bringing together the whole look and giving it a chic and contemporary touch. Short, medium, long, and way too long – you can opt for any look based on the outfit you’re planning to go for.

10) Off-shoulder

Apart from the apparent off-shoulder trend of dresses and tops, the bridal outfits have witnessed an inflow of the off-shoulder blouse style. And, are we even surprised? It’s the perfect example of subtle and classy, which is why it’s one of the most vied-for looks of them all.

So, these were some of the best wedding trends of this year, which are expected to showcase their presence in the coming year as well. What are your thoughts about them?
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