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How I landed a job at Emporio Armani - Pearl Academy

By Kama Choudhary
Vaasvi Gupta, a student of Global Luxury Brand Management (Batch 2021-2024) at Pearl Academy,shares her insights on the luxury fashion industry and what it takes to build a career in this field.

Background and Education
I completed my schooling at Apeejay School Pitampura and am currently pursuing my college education at Pearl Academy’s South Delhi campus. My major is Fashion and Lifestyle Business Management with a specialisation in luxury. Additionally, I’ve completed minor module courses in personal styling and interior design at Pearl Academy, which have broadened my skillset and deepened my passion for the fashion industry.

Internship Experience at Emporio Armani

During my internship at Emporio Armani, I gained valuable experience and insights into the fashion industry. My roles and responsibilities included working in the sales department, delivering exceptional customer service, conducting market research, and contributing to visual merchandising efforts. This experience enabled me to refine my customer service skills, expand my industry knowledge, and contribute effectively to various aspects of business operations.

The Internship Selection Process
The internship selection process at Reliance, the master franchisee of Armani in India, comprises several stages. Initially, the HR department evaluates CVs and reaches out to candidates whose profiles are in line with the company’s brands. Subsequently, candidates undergo interviews with HR representatives, followed by interviews with L1 and L2 teams. If selected, candidates progress to the joining process, which includes an aptitude test and submission of necessary documents. Upon verification of documents, candidates receive their offer letters and undergo a 15-day line release process conducted by the Reliance training team. This ensures that candidates are adequately equipped to engage effectively with clients.

Success Factors and Skillset
Among approximately 15 students in the Fashion and Lifestyle Business Management batch, my peers and I applied for internships across various fields and brands as part of our college’s live industry module.

I attribute my successful placement at Emporio Armani to my strong interpersonal skills, exceptional customer service abilities, in-depth knowledge of fashion and luxury trends, and proficiency in a range of technical skills. Specifically, I possess proficiency in using MS Office software, Canva, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, PSPP, and SEM tools. These technical skills, coupled with my soft skills, allowed me to effectively contribute to various aspects of the internship, including customer service, market research, and visual merchandising.

Future Aspirations
As someone who is always striving for personal and professional growth, I aspire to attain higher positions within the industry, particularly within Reliance, where opportunities for growth are abundant. I want to become a Brand Director or Brand Head in the future , leveraging my skills and experiences to drive success and innovation.

Excitement for Emerging Trends
I’m particularly excited about the rapid evolution of the luxury industry, especially emerging trends and innovations related to the metaverse and virtual reality programs. I believe these technologies have the potential to revolutionise customer experiences and engagement, opening up new opportunities for brands to connect with consumers. As these trends continue to grow, especially in India, I am eager to explore and delve deeper into their potential applications within the industry.

Advice for Aspiring Professionals
For students aspiring to work in the luxury fashion industry, I would recommend immersing yourself in the world of fashion by staying updated on industry trends, brands, and market dynamics. Networking with professionals in the field and seeking internships or part-time opportunities can provide valuable insights and experiences. Additionally, developing a strong understanding of customer preferences and the unique characteristics of luxury fashion is essential. Finally, be adaptable and open to learning, as the industry is constantly evolving.

My journey to Emporio Armani has taught me the importance of passion, perseverance, and continuous self-improvement in achieving success in the competitive world of luxury fashion. I hope my story inspires others to embrace challenges, stay focused on their goals, and relentlessly pursue their dreams.

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