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Pearlite bags CII Young Designer Award; Champions Circularity - Pearl Academy

By Kama Choudhary
Intro: Krishna’s app ensures that discarded clothes find their way to individuals who upcycle them to make innovative, sustainable products

In a momentous celebration of creativity and innovation, Krishna Priya, a talented Graphics and Communication Design student from Pearl Academy, Bengaluru Campus, stood in the spotlight as she was honoured with the prestigious CII Young Designer Award in the category of Design for Social Impact at the 23rd India Design Summit. The summit, renowned for showcasing the best minds in design, proved to be the perfect stage for Krishna’s groundbreaking project, ‘Cut The Chase.’

The India Design Summit

The India Design Summit is a globally recognised event that brings together design enthusiasts, practitioners, and thought leaders from India and around the world. This international platform serves as a melting pot for ideas, fostering discussions on emerging aspects of design. With country partners such as Germany, Netherlands, Italy, the UK, the US, and many more, the summit has become a pivotal space for the exchange of innovative concepts and the celebration of design excellence.

CII Young Designer Award 2023

Krishna’s success at the CII Young Designer Award 2023 was no small feat. Her project, ‘Cut The Chase,’ took center stage, challenging conventional norms in the fashion industry and redefining sustainability through revolutionary solutions. Her dedication to addressing the environmental impact of the fashion sector garnered attention and acclaim from the design community.

‘Cut The Chase’: A Revolution in Fashion Sustainability

At the heart of Krishna’s project is a mission to revolutionise the fashion industry’s approach to end-of-life strategies, garment preservation, and material innovation. ‘Cut The Chase’ stands as a beacon of positive change, offering groundbreaking solutions that set new standards for sustainability.

Key features of ‘Cut The Chase’

  1. The Innovative App: Central to Krishna’s revolution is the ‘Cut The Chase’ app, a game-changer in the fashion industry. This technological marvel transforms the way we perceive textile waste by efficiently sourcing and disposing of clothes from households. The app ensures that discarded clothes find their way to individuals dedicated to fostering positive change through design and innovation.
  2. Fostering Positive Change: By connecting discarded clothing with individuals committed to positive change through design, ‘Cut The Chase’ breathes new life into garments that would otherwise contribute to environmental degradation. The app encourages a community-driven approach to sustainable fashion, creating a ripple effect that extends beyond individual actions.
  3. Innovative Product Creation: The discarded clothes sourced through the app become the building blocks for innovative, sustainable products. Krishna’s project demonstrates that reimagining the life cycle of clothing can lead to the creation of novel and environmentally friendly fashion items that set new standards in the industry.

Krishna Priya’s ‘Cut The Chase’ project is a testament to the power of design in driving positive change. Her recognition at the CII Young Designer Award 2023 not only celebrates her achievement but also shines a light on the potential of design to reshape industries and contribute to a more sustainable future. As we applaud Krishna’s triumph, we are reminded that innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand, leading the way for a brighter and more responsible fashion industry.

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