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SIDE is back with ‘Performance as a Specific Kind of Awareness’ - Pearl Academy

One of the recent initiatives by Pearl Academy, SIDE is an organic community space for students, educators and practitioners from all disciplines to explore, self-learn and bring about new possibilities by collective experiments. Under this second season of SIDE, renowned artist, occasional teacher and curator Prayas Abhinav is conducting a 4 day workshop on ‘Performance as a Specific Kind of Awareness’ at Academy’s Kukas based campus.


Throwing light on the workshop, Prayas said, “Performance is traditionally understood to be a kind of transmission. An experience is produced and then how this experience is received is not thought about so much. In these four days we will not just talk and listen but try out modes of performance which are thought of as heightened states of awareness towards our surroundings. People, things, architecture, music – each can be listened to. Humanity is to be realized in each transactional exchange of listening and speaking and the balance therein and therefore this workshop will look at forms of communication actualized only through listening.

PrayasPrayas is also the Co-Director of the ‘Museum of Vestigial Desire’ and is appreciative of SIDE. He says, “SIDE is an innovative way of motivating Learning amongst the younger generation. I am quite impressed by the idea of SIDE wherein there is no parameters for forcing learning outcomes rather it revolves around creating that environment of learning, which triggers the will to learn. It is quite a futuristic approach. Kudos to Pearl Academy!

Prayas also advised to just learn and contemplate with passion to the budding designer during one of his sessions.


Dr. Veena Dutta, Director, Pearl Academy-Jaipur campus, says, “SIDE is emerging as a very interesting and interactive platform for the students where they get encouraged to unleash their creativity and explore their intellectual capabilities. It is leading to a holistic growth of our students by involving them in various activities planned and executed by the hand-picked creative personalities for the residencies.


The workshop is running at present and is receiving tremendous response and participation from the students. The 3rd Edition of residency at SIDE is scheduled in the month of March where Jaipur shall witness some of the renowned global names in the domain of design, art and creativity.

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