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Pearl Academy Student Wins 2024 Pepe Jeans Special Jury Award with Vintage-Inspired Denim Collection - Pearl Academy

By Suryansh Gaur, Pearl Academy

Pearl Academy takes immense pride in highlighting the exceptional achievements of its student, Geetansh Arora, from the Delhi West Campus. Geetansh recently earned the prestigious Special Jury Award at the 2024 Pepe Jeans London – Fashion Designer Award. This accolade not only highlights Geetansh’s innovative design capabilities, but also reinforces Pearl Academy’s commitment to nurturing creativity and excellence in fashion design.

Geetansh’s award-winning collection, titled ‘Take Me to the 1800s’, is a profound reflection of the rugged elegance and sustainability of aged workwear, specifically denim. Denim, a symbol of grit and resilience through ages, was the centrepiece of his collection, which skilfully blends the vintage aesthetics with contemporary flair. What sets this collection apart is its unique narrative. Each piece from his collection, whether distressed denim jackets, faded jeans, or oversized utility silhouettes, tells a story of hard work and perseverance. His designs echo the durability of classic work attire, while incorporating modern functionalities that speak to both style and comfort.

The inspiration for this collection stemmed from historical denim workwear and the pressing need for sustainability in fashion today. This innovative approach not only showcased his exceptional creativity, but also highlighted his commitment to eco-friendly fashion solutions. His collection serves as a bridge between the past and the present, inviting wearers to appreciate the rich history and ongoing evolution of denim.

The Special Jury Award, a testament to outstanding creativity and innovation, is decided by a panel of esteemed judges who are connoisseurs of fashion and design. This accolade is particularly significant considering the fierce competition Geetansh faced, standing out among 284 entries and making it to the top 10 finalists. The award was presented on April 20 at St. Andrew’s Auditorium, Bandra, Mumbai, marking a significant milestone in Geetansh’s budding career.

Geetansh stood out to the jury, because of his unique vision and masterful execution. This accolade serves as a powerful acknowledgment from the fashion industry’s leading figures, who recognised the ingenuity and potential in Geetansh’s work. Crediting his success and creative drive to Pearl Academy, Geetansh said, “Pearl has been a constant support. The professors have pushed me to work hard and polish my skills.”

In addition to his remarkable success at the Pepe Jeans London – Fashion Designer Award, Geetansh also showcased his depth and sensitivity as a designer at the recent Lakme Fashion Week. His project there dealt with the phases a gay man or woman may experience in confronting societal norms and judgments. This collection demonstrated his ability to weave social commentary into fashion, addressing issues of identity, judgmental attitudes faced by LGBTQ+ individuals, emphasising the need for greater acceptance and understanding.

Building on his success and his commitment to meaningful fashion, Geetansh is currently working on designs for Portfolio 2024. His collection promises to delve into the experiences of the Queer community, aiming to vividly portray the emotional journey from fear and baggage to hope and acceptance. This narrative arc seeks to visualise the profound transition individuals face from the moment they come out to the point of societal and self-acceptance.

Geetansh plans to feature garments at the upcoming Portfolio 2024 that encapsulate different stages of this emotional spectrum. His approach remains consistent— mashing up diverse concepts and experimenting with forms to challenge conventional fashion norms and create pieces that tell stories.

Additionally, Geetansh’s designs from the recent Lakme Fashion Week, which tackled the complex themes of separation and detachment, will be included in his Portfolio 2024. These pieces continue the trend of advocating through design, using the platform to highlight stories and narratives that are important for society at large.

Geetansh Arora’s journey is just beginning. It will be exciting to see what the future holds for this talented designer, as he continues to inspire and lead in the fashion industry.

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