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Pearl Academy, Noida students win laurels at international ‘Laureate Impulse Photo Contest’ - Pearl Academy

Three students from the School of Communication Media and Film at Pearl Academy Noida have made the academy proud by winning this year’s international Laureate Impulse Photo Contest. The impressive works by Vijaya Sondhi, Akansha Malhotra and Arohi Jain were adjudged best by the selection panel at Laureate.

The Laureate Impulse Photo contest was open to students across the world. The participating students had to write an inspiring phrase, using one of the impulse words; creativity, clarity, courage or comparison and upload the photograph and the phrase on the Impulse Facebook page. The winners were decided on the basis of total number of likes that they received from all over the world.

Congratulating the winners, Ms. Nien Siao, Director, Pearl Academy-Noida campus, said, “I’m very proud of our students who have stepped up to the challenges of presenting their creative works at international platforms. It is exciting to know that our students are so finely tuned into the digital environment on a global scale. We commend the students’ drive to reach international benchmarks and the confidence to share their visual expressions on an international scale; it speaks volume of what they have learnt in their nourishing academic environment. I am more proud of their attempt and effort to be contemporary, to be progressive creators and to contribute to making the world a richer place with diverse views, while winning the contest is an added bonus.”

 Pearl Academy is a member of the Laureate International Universities (LIU) Network, which has a presence in 29 countries serving more than 950,000 students globally.

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