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Industry expert Syed Sameer talks about "Cost Effective Sales Strategies " at our Delhi campus - Pearl Academy

With an extensive experience of about 2 decades in operations ( sales , marketing & distribution  ) in Consumer goods & services( FMCG , Pharmaceuticals , OTC , Banking & Telecom  sectors ), Syed Sameer is a self-motivated and dynamic individual. He recently visited the Delhi campus to conduct an interactive session with our students from School of Creative Business.

India is a land of dispersion , where nearly 68% population residing in rural India which is inaccessible through roads  , purchasing stocks from nearly 1.5cr retailers . In the given scenario , the selection of markets & retailers becomes of prime importance since the cost of direct distribution is pretty steep , combined with the managing motivation & ROI of the channel partner . Also , taking the indirect route of distribution is a function if brand building & margins , which again hits the bottom line .

Sales management comes handy , since keeping the attrition at low levels & devising variable salary for high performers can keep the growth engine running . Also effective utilization of the given sales force becomes paramount to drive consistency .

“We have entered in the era of predatory marketing , where retaining & upgrading the existing customers is the easiest route to profitability along with being a cost effective one . Attacking the category users is also recommended for start ups working on limited resources . CRM is not a software platform , but a conscious cost effective sales strategy” says Mr.Sameer

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