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Fashion: A Beautiful Mess - Pearl Academy

A creation from the label KHEM

A creation from the label KHEM

Tell us about your line of clothing KHEM…
KHEM in Egyptian refers to the God of pyramids and just like the pyramids, our line of clothing is simple yet beautiful. The idea behind the brand is to find a place for the ancient serene look in today’s ultra modern era. In short, our line is all about understated elegance.

What is the USP of your line?
We celebrate Indian glamour in the most subtle way. We lay emphasis on the traditional art of embroideries and handloom fabric. We use a lot of silk and cotton and believe in putting the heritage we have to best possible use. We never deviate from the essence of minimalism—the embellishments are delicate and the colours muted. We pay indefinable attention to the finishing as well. For only when something is perfect from the inside can it look beautiful from the outside. Giving all our creations a timeless edge is our ultimate goal. Classic clothing with a contemporary twist defines our creations.

What does your collection have in store for us this season?
Flowing and pleated garments that come with a bit of sheen are what we are selling this summer. Tunics I feel are the must haves. Pastel shades dominate our collection. Strawberry, muted yellow, aqua and peach are colours that we feel will augur well with the Indian skin this season. There is surely more to summer than oranges and greens!

How was your collection received at the recently concluded Fashion Week in Mumbai?
It was a very encouraging experience as people did not just stop at telling us how much they loved our ‘A Beautiful Mess’ line but also provided us with good business. The collection we presented at the Summer/Resort 2012 Fashion Week in Mumbai was soft and feminine. The ivory coloured collection saw a host of techniques and fabric coming together. Mid-thigh dresses that end in kick pleats dominated the collection. Golden accents and appliqué work accentuated this feminine line of clothing.

What is your success mantra?
A strong foundation is most essential to make it big in the fashion industry. Aspiring designers should train themselves in design institutes. We too graduated from one such institute — Pearl Academy of Fashion. Then we went on to work with designers Abishek Gupta, Nandita Basu, Ritu Beri and Tarun Tahiliani. Prem also worked with several design houses to understand the production and marketing aspects before branching out. So, instead of being in a hurry to launch one’s own label, it is better to work with experts, gain industry knowledge and then start working independently.That way we are bound to survive longer in this industry.

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