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“Creative Career Conclave: A must attend career guidance forum for students!!! - Pearl Academy

*Blog by Samriddhi Agarwal*Pearl Academy, Jaipur*

Another rocking event, Creative Career Conclave was hosted by Pearl Academy Jaipur was held on 14th October at Hotel Ramada, Jaipur, witnessing a crowd of around 150 students and their parents. The conclave aimed at helping students with little or no knowledge but passion about ingenious career opportunities in Design, Fashion and related Businesses.

The speaker panel included experts from diverse fields such as Mr. Jean Marc, Design Director, Marketer & Luxury Expert, Dr. Sanyogeitaa Chadha, Head – School of Fashion at Pearl Academy and Mr. Ayush Kasliwal, Interior Product Designer, Founder AKFD studio. Not only were there experts from the industry but Pearl Academy Jaipur campus’s Director – Dr. Veena Dutta with her team of seasoned teachers of Pearl were also present at the venue to guide students.

The event started with Mr. Jean Marc’s words giving a French taste to the show. It was interesting to know that he started with a job of a salesperson to fund his education. A great inspiration for many listeners, Jean also confessed how bad in sketching he is and that is really not a pre-requisite to be a successful designer. All what is needed is passion and creativity to achieve one’s dreams.

Our second speaker Dr. Sanyogeita Chadha shared,“At the time when I was pursuing design, we were called ZOMBIES”-  a profession for the dead probably!!! And here we are today, where masses are choosing Design andcreative businesses as a serious career option.

Some mind boggling experiences were shared by Mr. Ayush Kasliwal also. “My first project was my own 6sq.ft. bath room in my office for which I never was paid neither appreciated. But, the crux lays in the learning experience, the grilling process which makes a fine artist out of an individual.” shared Ayush.

At the end, what was more interesting to witness was that one question that many students asked – How do we convince our parents about creative courses who only know of C.A., Engineering and Medical as career options. Students were reminded that where there is a will there is way and if you can’t see one then you build one. The experts’ advices were taken seriously by the students and guess how we know it? In the Q&A session, there were endless queries by these students about creative courses, careers, future prospects, etc.

The future of creative industries looks brighter with such a promising event. Hope to see a larger chunk of youth joining the brigade of creative professionals in the coming years!

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