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Your 30's and 40's is what you decided in 20's - Pearl Academy

Decision making is an art of choosing the options that you have.
Each one of us has faced a handful of decisions in life that are absolute game changers. We make our decisions. Then, decisions make us.

My daughter asked me, that, she has two options: to go to Germany or Thailand for a study exchange. Both options seemed equally good to her. I could have made the decision for her. But, instead asked her to get more details about each country, and the courses. And then I told her to “ASK YOURSELF – WHY  you want to go, where you want to go”. That moment she could match option with her own purpose. Her answer to “why” helped her decide.

Asking “WHY” leads to clarity of PURPOSE of that decision that you chose eventually.

But many twentysomethings do not decide by asking ‘why’.

I find many youngsters taking decisions based on what their peers are doing, or on what’s popular or what their mentors (parents, elder ‘bro’‎, a role model in family etc) TELL them to do. Yes, we need to direct the boat of our children’s path to a certain point of their life. But once you are sure that they are not mentally challenged, they should be allowed to think and take own decisions.

In fact, we hardly teach our youngsters to “think about thinking”. (Do you think about thinking?)

Those of us who have lived at least four decades on this planet, like me, know that today we are reaping gains (or pains) what we did in our twenties.What we did in our teens, shaped our education opportunities  and career gates in our twenties‎. And how we spent our time in college and used (or wasted) opportunities therein, molded our early professional life.

One of the hard lessons in life that I learned is that one bad decision usually leads to another. Then, over a course of time, the sum of many single decisions build a direction that eventually determines the quality of our life. One small decision will not make a significant difference in life. However, add four to ten more decisions and then, these decisions build up irreversible outcome and path.
Teach youngsters to think, to learn from experiences, of elders and other peers, and then decide on options – wisely.

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