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Things designers say all the time - Pearl Academy

If there’s a designer around you then chances are you’ve always heard them say something fun yet super intelligent and calculative. Designers get so engrossed in their creative world that sometimes they take words, terms or phrases from their lives and bring them into yours.

We all have those ‘different’ designer buddies who parade themselves into any situation and express themselves in a mysterious and quirky way that only designers can.

We made a fun list of some of them, feel free to add your own in the comments section below.


What’s the brief?

You’ve told your best friend that you’re going out shopping for your birthday and you expected him to say something fun. Just when you hit the highway, your friend says “What’s the brief?”


What’s the layout going to be like?

You’re buying new photo frames for your room and you tell your designer buddy to suggest some photographs or frame sizes. The next thing he will do is come up with every Graphic designer’s favorite one-liner- what’s the layout going to be like? Questions like how big is your wall and what’s the size of your room will also soon follow. Just give him all the information he needs.


Is it RGB or CMYK? JPEG or PNG?

You took a picture of new curtains and Whatsapped it to your interactive designer friend. Instead of commenting on your furnishing choices, he’s gone berserk about the technical details of the picture. He’s going to also ask you about the file format of the picture, its colour composition and other technical details.


Can you crop it please?                                

You asked your designer friend to help set the table for breakfast. The table cloth isn’t the way he imagined it to be. Now he’s helping you set it up again, rearranging things aesthetically like a TV show host and show you how it’s done like a boss while disclosing other terms every now and then.


Too much Airbrush

You’re off to the party and instead of complimenting you on how awesome your make up is looking, your designer friend just said the most whacked out thing ever because he’s always in his Photoshop world. He or she is actually talking about make up but in the tone of a Photoshop Pro.


Can you justify this please?

You shared the first manuscript of your new book with your designer friend and ‘justify it’ is what he said. For a second, you thought that he was talking about the entire endeavor, but then he tells you that he was just talking about formatting the text on the cover.


That’s it. Just put it between the negative spaces.

It’s your friend’s birthday and you bought her a painting. She asked you to just keep it in the negative space. Wondering what that is? She is referring to keep it in the free space between any two objects. In this case, it’s the gap between her favorite books on the wall rack.


Don’t be a template.

You have to make certain important life decisions, when you ask your friend for advice and just like a quintessential designer he tells you to do the things you love, walk a different path and be yourself. Essentially, go down unchartered territory and create a trail instead of following someone else’s path. Cool, eh?

Can you think of any other fun stuff that your designer friends say? Tell us!






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