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Suveshi Jain's The Dying Butterfly | #PearlWhatsNext - Pearl Academy








Suveshi Jain
School of Fashion, Styling & Textiles

The Dying Butterfly – Preserve a flutter for the future!
An epitome of divine beauty, joy, hopes and wishes, butterflies always fascinated Suveshi. But, it’s not the same now as the fascination has turned into a grave concern which was an inspiration for her thesis project to save the tiny, colourful wonders of nature.

Suveshi Jain, a post-graduate student of Fashion Design at Pearl’s Jaipur campus, is an avid Nature lover. The colours and fragility of butterflies have always captivated her and Suveshi’s journey of fascination for butterflies took wings in the childhood itself. But, as she grew up, Suveshi noticed a distinct drop in their numbers that left her clueless.

That set her thinking. Are we going to allow this beautiful creation of nature to fade away because we did not care enough? Will they soon be distant memories? She found evidence that butterflies are depleting faster than tigers. There are no ‘butterfly reserves’ nor was anyone counting their numbers. Will they soon be distant memories? She decided to express her state of mind through her designs to the entire world.

Her project ‘The Dying Butterfly’, that has colour-schemes derived from nearly 170 endangered species of butterflies and around 50 species which are on the brink of extinction, focuses on the likelihood of their extinction in the near future due to industrial emissions and toxicity. Through her Butterfly-inspired collection of eveningwear, she appeals to all concerned to help reverse butterflies’ extinction as their presence maintains a delicate eco-balance on earth.

The fabulous flared silhouettes which create a ‘chiaroscuro’ dark-and-light effect are inspired by butterfly wings. The delicate gauze-like fabrics are supple and create an illusion of floating and flying. The ever-changing, fashion trends depict the short life of the butterflies and the struggle of ethical designers to survive in a highly competitive field.

She credits her success to her instructors at Pearl Academy. “Various crisis/situations that I faced during this project were resolved because of timely advice from my mentors. The atmosphere at Pearl Academy is conducive to learning. The devotion of the faculty members and the staff constantly fanned my passion for learning.” She feels that she is now equipped to realize her dream of being a socially responsible designer.

The young, environmentally conscious and responsible lot of society is what our Mother Nature needs more than anything today. Suveshi is definitely one of the frontrunners!

Design mentor – Nandan Ghiya

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