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Rashmi Munnikempanna inspired Pearlites to explore photography at Design Polygon - Pearl Academy

Rashmi in her workshop

“A picture never gets old,” says Rashmi Munnikempanna, an artist/ independent researcher who dwells into truth behind images and their representation under various contexts. She is conducting a workshop at five day long Design Polygon at Pearl Academy’s Kukas based campus.

In her opinion it’s the creative contexts that renew a picture’s with a new meaning to it.

“It’s an old saying that a picture speaks a thousand words. The difference that lies between interpretation and representation of a picture that occurs due to point of view or context is the crux of my workshop.” said Rashmi.

Rashmi's workshop

Rashmi shared, “We are analyzing a set of photographs, photographers and going through filmmakers in a quest to derive all the possible messages that they can convey by a slight change in their caption or usage. In the course of time we shall capture new images for the workshop and integrate them with theatrics, drama, stage presentations to explore new applications of the images hence captured.”


The workshop that is being attended by more than 100 students of foundation level, in groups of 20 students at a time, shall culminate into a creative extravaganza on 21st of this month. The pictures hence taken during workshop will be integrated with other streams of art so as to enhance the visual, aesthetical and messaging quotient of theatrical performances put together by other groups at Jawahar Kala Kendra.


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