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Pre-Semester Learning - Pearl Academy

Pre-Semester Learning

We’re months into the lockdown now and we’re all experiencing a situation that still needs adjusting. While the #COVID19 situation has most of us staying at home, we’re all still eager to learn and succeed. Be it a hobby, an online course or fitness among several other things, people kept moving.

Since the larger construct of things suggests that we’re going to be in lockdown for much longer, we needed solutions that made sense in today’s reality. Innovation, combined with the power of the internet brought hope to those who wanted regain momentum and created an opportunity for those wanted to stay on track with their future goals.

Online learning quickly became a norm and Pearl Academy too crafted a unique solution to help students set off on their creative journey called the Pre-semester learning. An uninterrupted online experience that made learning playful, engaging and fun. Exclusively designed for the Class of 2020 Pearlites, this semester introduces students to an array of creative learning. It also prepares them for the robust 2020 education roadmap – the Immersive Creative Learning Framework.

Pre-Semester Learning is where creative learning begins – Students get to learn from global creative leaders, learn the greatest lessons from geniuses, get a detailed insight into the Life at Pearl and to top it all off, gamified learning! Despite the several limitations posed by the lockdown, this semester is curated for students to embark on their creative journey effortlessly and approach the following formal semester with a broader perspective of creativity.

The Pre-Semester learning is broken down into four multi-disciplinary modules that help students truly understand creativity and teach them how to push their creative boundaries through each module. To sprinkle a bit of fun and to make things interesting for our students, the course also offers a gamified learning experience.

Module 1 – Around the World in 80 Days. Led by Deepti T. Seth

An interactive module that introduces students to the best in the creative industry. Students get to learn and inspire from the creative journey of 16 industry stalwarts that include, Raveena Tandon, Bobbi Brown, Mira Nair and Barkha Dutt. Interviews and open house discussions with each introduces to them to the several approaches to creativity, their values and helps them formulate their own sense of judgement when it comes to thinking out of the box.

Module 2 – Whose class is it now? Led by Kunal Dutta

Lessons from the legends and geniuses. This module is a deep dive into some of the greatest minds from across the world. We dissect how masters of different fields formed their perspective and let students express their opinion of them through popular social media formats on a dedicated Instagram page.

Module 3 – Socially plugged, led by Priya M. Mathew

A module dedicated to introducing students to the life at Pearl and what it takes to be a Pearlite. A place where students get to introduce and interact with each other, learn more about the campus and establish a strong connection with faculty.

Module 4 – Create a new world. Led by Debabrota Das

A module where that brings the future of learning to students. Here, students are introduced to playful learning and engagement in a gamified way. Ten ‘Tribes’ compete and focus on building key skills like creativity, planning and communication through a series of objectives.

The Pre-Semester Learning programme brings the best of future education ecosystems right to the comfort of a student’s home, so they learn from a global perspective and build a creative portfolio inspired from the best minds in the world. Its thoughtful articulation aims for only one thing, and that is to help our students set off on their creative journey and provide them with the formula to illustrious careers.

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