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Plug into a smarter lifestyle | Debunking myths around Smart homes - Pearl Academy

Walking into a room and turning the lights on with a single word or turning off the AC from miles away using your phone – a few years ago, all this was right out of a sci-fi movie. However, now it’s been made into a reality through Smart homes.
Why then, is the shift to automated living still in its developing stages? It’s because of preconceived notions many have about the concept. So, today we decided to break some myths!

“Smart homes? Sounds way out of my budget!”

You don’t have to go all-out while turning your home into a smart one. You can take baby steps toward upgrading your home tech. Smart homes work on a principle of the Internet of Things (IoT) that connects all devices across a common network. A variety of IoT-based products can be chosen across all price points with a cost-effective installation process. Plus, with low maintenance, reduced wastage, and electricity bills, smart homes can help you save a fortune.

“Reduced power bills? You’re kidding right!”

Fortunately, we’re not. It is a common assumption that smart homes must be monster energy consumers, but the reality couldn’t be farther from this. Appliances have been ‘smartified’ with sensors that turn off when not in use and take up less energy than conventional ones. These sustainable home set-ups are perfectly compatible with renewable energy sources such as solar panels.

“What if my data gets hacked?”

In a smart home, you can go an extra mile to protect yourself from data breaches with a secured firewall, two-factor authentication system, encryption, and a system that gives full personalized control. To put a cherry on the cake, this solid security system is smart enough to alert you in case of any intrusion!

“All smart homes look minimalistic and mundane.”

Smart homes are often pictured with monochromes and a lackluster look, but that’s not how it needs to be! You can throw in a mix of funky colours, vintage furniture, or even bohemian prints to experiment endlessly with your personal smart space. Interior designers are exploring new techniques to integrate technology with elegant designs and bring a fulfilling experience to homeowners. Many skillful design experts are making optimal use of smart gizmos without compromising on a house’s aesthetic look. These cutting-edge homes offer multifarious appearances from traditional to modern, infusing comfort with class.

Growing at a steady rate of 29.8%, the home automation industry is expected to cross 13.5 million dollars by 2026. This has given rise to a demand for designers who can stay ahead of time with their avant-garde creations.
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