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Perfume Workshop- A proud moment - Pearl Academy

She always loved perfumes but never thought of creating one. While at Pearl, she learned the luxury business from all the aspects and also studied different categories and characteristics of luxury goods. But she specifically chose to study the beauty and wellness industry intensively, as fragrance business was a part of it.

In fact, she always chose beauty and wellness industry for all the projects which she did at Pearl. In the process, she realized and thought this is what she always wanted to do, to create a fragrance and launch her perfume label!

This is the story of Aditi Bhadani, a student who passionately worked to fulfil her dreams. She attended the course at Pearl Academy to understand the various features of luxury brands and get introduced to analyse various luxury brands that have made a mark on global stage. She decided to research and dig in deep, as what all goes in perfume making and started reading about the history of perfume making, watched various documentaries available online. She looked up for short courses designed for perfume making and came across the perfume making workshop at Galimard perfumery at Grasse, France, the perfume capital of the world wherein you get to create your perfume at the end of the workshop.

No matter how much you read or study, certain things you can’t learn until and unless you practically do it yourself on the floor.
There are a few steps that one should follow to create their unique perfume with intuitive ease. First make up your mind for masculine or feminine fragrances, for example, sporty or elegant. This will let you emphasise the nature of your perfume. After that, choose your desired fragrance, for example, floral, fruity or oriental. Then look at the notes of the perfume.

Use of different kinds of rare essential oils, ways of extraction and a lot more. From arranging for the fragrance notes, solution mix, measuring cylinders, perfume bottles, everything required to make your own perfume. “I was given more than hundred different kinds of fragrance notes to create my own perfume. Simultaneously I also had to pen down the formula I would be using to create my own perfume. I was also asked to name my own perfume. They save this formula and the name so that in future if I want to order the perfume they can ship it to me in India,” says Aditi as she shares her experiences of creating perfume.

Everyone at the campus got to know about this workshop and everyone wanted to know about it and had questions regarding the same. After completing her graduation, she was guided to start preparing for the perfume making workshop for about 60 students. While preparing for her final project for the third semester, she simultaneously prepared for the workshop and managed the difficult task.

Finally, her dream became reality and she herself addressed 60 students and taught them about creating perfume on their own. It was a proud moment for her and Pearl Academy as well.

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