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Pearlites continue practical training with Home Studio Kits - Pearl Academy

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” In other words, when you actually put your knowledge into practice, you actually learn. Benjamin Franklin’s words very aptly articulate the impact of practical education. Truly, nothing can substitute the significance of hands-on experiences for a student. And when it comes to creative education, the ‘learning by doing approach’ becomes all the more crucial as it certainly can make an enormous difference in the learning process.

At Pearl Academy, we understand this.

When the pandemic forced our students to put all plans of practical learning on the back burner, we decided to take their labs right to their homes. We are now equipping our students with customized HOME STUDIO KITS for them to set up labs or studios in their homes for practical learning. Developed in consultation with our academic experts, these kits are custom made for each course and includes everything as per the requirement of each program and curriculum— ranging from Wacom tablets, sewing machines, fashion mannequins/ mini dress forms, drafting boards, hand-knitting devices, block-printing kits, Arduino kits, software stacks to sketching kits and more. Our initiative to ensure that our future professionals continue to learn, innovate and create, despite the current uncertainty, makes us the first creative institution to deliver our students’ campus lab experience right to their homes.

Our President Prof. Nandita Abraham echoes a similar commitment to our students’ creative future when she says “…In a short span of six months, we not only transitioned to a complete virtual campus, but also implemented a unique immersive-creative-learning-framework, developed highly engaging pre-semester learning modules and have now equipped our students to set up their home studios.” By now, you might be wondering what’s inside these utilitarian Home Studio Kits? And how are these equipped to give our students an enhanced lab experience? Let’s take a look.

School of Creative Practice – For our first year students

3D Printing Drawing Pen, Wacom Tablet, Glue Gun and glue candles, Cutting Pad, Scale and Set Square, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

School of Fashion

Fashion Design
Drawing Kit, Textile Kit, Embroidery Kit, Brother Sewing Machine, Half-size dress form, Design Softwares like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Fashion Styling and Image Design
Tripod, Tripod Clip, Light Stand, LED Light, Adobe Software – Creative Suite Master and Sketchup

School of Media

LED light, Microphone, Tripod, Phone Grip, Universal Stabilizer, C-Shape Bracket, Video Handheld Grip for DSLR DV Camera, Adobe Softwares including AR, VR, Premier Pro, Sketchup, V-ray, Celtx Scriptwriting & production, Canva Pro

School of Design

Communication Design
-Wacom Tablet and Adruino Kit

Product and Accessory Design
-Wacom Tablet

Interior Design
-Wacom Tablet and Softwares (AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe In Design, Adobe Illustrator, Lumion, Sketchup Pro)

School Of Business

Access to leading e-learning resources like Business of Fashion, Coursera and many more

As we steadily overcome our current challenges and gear up for a super-competitive future, practical learning will take the Centre stage, there is no second guessing about it. And professionals with the right amalgamation of knowledge and skills will survive in the long run. Therefore here at Pearl, we are continuously trying to blend campus and online learning with practical lab experience to give our future leaders that extra advantage that help them chart out a successful future ahead.

To know more about our Home Studio Kits, click here.

Apply to our courses in Design, Fashion, Media and Business to experience this immersive training first hand!

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