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Pearl Live – Global e-learning courses by Pearl Academy - Pearl Academy

With the internet revolution in the mid-90s, the physical boundaries diluted and gave path to a new era of information exchange that changed the world totally. Today, almost everyone is just a click away. This digital uprising has also changed the definition of education sector. It’s no longer a 4 walled classroom with a board and a marker. The source of information is not just the books or your teacher. Students crave for more and updated information to satisfy their hunger for knowledge.

Staying abreast with the changing times, Pearl Academy has also launched its online education initiative – Pearl Live, that offers certificate programs to learners across the world and prepares them to bridge the demand & supply gap in the industry with following courses :-


  1. Design Management
  2. Digital Design & Communication
  3. Entrepreneurship for Creative Professions
  4. Interior Design
  5. Digital Commerce
  6. Social Media Marketing

These Courses cater to the need of those who do not have time for full-time courses but want to stay updated with the industry knowledge and polish their skills. A big plus here is the certification/validation which will be provided by Pearl Academy and its international education alliances for all the courses. And, not to mention that the curriculum of all the courses has been developed with the inputs of our industry partners.

What a learner can get out of these courses? Many things –

  • Global e-learning platform
  • International certification/validation
  • Industry connect through Pearl Contact Program (PCP)
  • E-Portfolio for better career prospects
  • Individual Mentors

But this is not it. To know what all you can get, take a free trial of the courses and learn yourself how Pearl Live can change your world: Free Trial

Pearl Academy, a globally renowned institution of higher learning with a focus on Internationalism; entrepreneurship and employability, has been catering to the needs of design, fashion, business and retail industry for over 20 years.

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