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Indian International Model United Nations - Pearl Academy

Have you ever imagined, how it feels to be in someone else’s shoes and to act, perform, think and get into the character of another person?

To behold the same feeling, Pearl Academy took their Luxury Brand Management students to Indian International Model United Nations (IIMUN) where the students were given an opportunity to participate in the role play activity.

The Indian International Model United Nations (IIMUN), acts as a platform that equips school students to perceive the imps of the local, national and international ecosystem of which they will be leaders in their capacities. Today, IIMUN has conducted over 108 conferences in as many cities across the globe with over 3200 committees and a total of 200,000 students have directly participated in them.

One set among them was a group of four students – Suha Ansari, Tanima Dawar, Sayali Muley and Aghya Goel – representing the Luxury Brand Management cohort, who attended the Indian International Model United Nations. MUN (Model United Nations) held at IIM Ahmedabad campus between 25th to 27th of November 2016. MUN is a replica of the real life United Nations where participating students must represent countries and form committees to discuss current affairs. These committees should convince participating countries (students) to accept or reject a topic in discussion. One can attend either as a delegate or apply to be a part of the executive board depending on the experience in participating in other MUNs.

While MUN’s usually target high schools, the IIMUN was an inter-collegiate event where colleges from across the country participated, hence increasing the bar of content and knowledge in the debates. Our Brand Management group performed exceedingly well, debated and defended their committee objectives.

The three-day conference had a theme defined for each day, on the first and the third day, the delegates were asked to wear Western Formals, whereas the second day was reserved for Indian Formals.

They had a special section where the participants were given the feel of the Indian parliament, for this session the participating students were asked to role-play as MPs and represent Indian political parties. During this Lok Sabha session, one of the student was asked to represent the Shiv Sena party and was allocated to a Committee debating on a resolution passed on the topic “Demonetization of Indian Currency to curb black money”. Post the debate, the committee members also had to go and lobby other representatives to gain favour towards the resolution. Through the eloquent debate and convincing lobbying, she won “a Special Mention for her Committee” – one of the three awards to be presented to participating students – where she received a medal and a certificate of excellence for her outstanding performance.

By acting in the scenarios like these, the students explored how other people are likely to respond to different approaches, what strategies are likely to work, and what might turn out to be counter-productive.

IIMUN beautifully taught that there is a world outside the college campus and one should always believe in finding something in life that enthrals to seek excellence.

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