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How to make the most of your college life - Pearl Academy

College is a great time in your life where your number one priority is your education and going to class but whether you live on the campus or your own home this can be the time of your life or you could just go to class and watch your world go by. The choices you make here will define or redefine the rest of your life. So whatever you do, make the most of this precious time.

Go to Class

Because, this is precisely why you are here. Ensure you’re attending all your classes and stay on top of everything that’s going on with your subject, teachers and specializations.

Take a leap of faith

Take calculated risks. Not risks with your eyes closed. This is the only way to make new friends, learn something new or discover a whole new career or subject that you truly love.

Sit for classes you haven’t signed up for

There’s no other way to find out if you’re loving the subjects you’ve taken or you long to learn something else.

Make friends with the librarian

You may have an iPad, a kindle or a personal library of e-books but if you don’t go to a real library, you’ll be missing out on real knowledge. Surround yourself with books on the things you love and make use of the library services for which you’ve already paid for.

Your college. Your lab

Your college is your playground for social experiments, ideas, journals, associations, sporting events and to break new ground. Have an idea for an app? Want to inculcate some healthy habits on campus? Looking for people to test a new campaign or product? Or do you just want people to give you feedback on your paintings. This your family of friends for now. And this is the place.

Take part in competitions, challenges and awards

This is the perfect time to flaunt your skills and talents. Whether you love design, photography, movies, making apps or drawing new-age concepts, there’s always a competition to take part in and make your college proud.

Finally, question everything.

Ask big questions and you’ll find answers to some of work and life’s toughest questions in college. And, you’ll have some questions left unanswered too. Find answers to them. Find all kinds of answers and there won’t be any questions left to answer.

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