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Bizarre ways to boost your creativity

Ever find yourself pulling your hair because the deadline is closing in, but you’re stuck with a blank page? Finding yourself in a creative block is the most frustrating thing and yet, it’s an inevitable part of life as an artist. But don’t worry, we have some unexpected ways which can help get your creative juices flowing again and find your Eureka moment before the time runs out!

Dream on
Good news for daydreamers – when our mind is wandering, creativity finds its way to us.
So, the next time you feel yourself zoning out, it could mean some ideas are about to come in.

Check out something blue or green
It might be time to rework the décor of your workspace because these colors tend to enhance performance on cognitive tasks. We associate blue with the ocean, sky, and openness in general, while green signals growth. Look at that globe the next time a problem pops up.

Break down your problems
If someone must have a breakdown, it should be your problem, not you. Pick an object and break it into parts (a flower becomes stalk, leaves, petals, and pollen). This trains the brain to deconstruct the problem and work towards a step-by-step solution by using creative insight.

Let that frustration out
Cribbing about problems has never done anyone any good, right? Wrong! Making a list of your small displeasures can help prompt your mind into coming up with creative solutions. Moreover, screaming is said to reduce stress and relieve insecurities, freeing you to think creatively.

Put those hands to use
If you still find yourself in a creative rut, it’s time to get hands-on, literally! Making something with hands helps us involve multiple senses at once, stimulating creative thinking. Try cooking, playing with clay, or working on a DIY home decorating project.
One study also found that gesturing with both hands encourages the brain to think from different perspectives and boosts creativity.

Sarcasm can be your savior
Got a friend who’s sarcastic to the point of being annoying? Use it to your advantage. Hanging out with sarcastic people can trigger your brain to work smarter rather than working harder. Next time you find a person expressing their anger sarcastically, hurry and grab a notebook.

Hang out at a café!
Coffee shops are not just the source of your much-needed caffeine intake, they also help to enhance your imagination. The ambient noise pushes the brain to work a little harder and come up with better ideas, while people-watching can give you some unique insights!

Allow yourself to be bored
Inspiration indeed strikes when we least expect it to. But surprisingly, working on a simple, methodical task can do wonders to bring back that creative spark. It helps give your mind a break and lets new ideas sneak in. So go ahead and reorganize that filing system, clean your room, or wash those dishes.

Sit outside the box
Trying to come up with an idea that is outside the box? It’s time to actually take a box and sit next to it while you brainstorm. In a study about how embodying metaphors affect creativity, it was found that sitting outside a box helps with problem-solving and heightens creativity.

Embrace your eccentricity
It’s the “dumb” ideas that often turn out to be the best. So, while brainstorming, keep the judgment aside, let your thoughts flow freely, and watch the weird idea turn into a winner.

Doodle away
Give your mind some time to relax and doodle your worries away. It aids in freeing your mind from the creative barriers you have formed inside your mind. After a few rough strokes of doodle art, you may find the solution you are looking for.

Take a nap
Planning on pulling an all-nighter? You might want to do the opposite. Sleep helps restructure memory, helping us look at our experiences in fresh ways. It provides us with new insights and fuels right-brain activity. Now you can snooze guilt-free!

And there you have it – your very own guide to get back into the rhythm and create your masterpiece. Remember, as scary as a creative block might seem, it also helps reconsider your ideas and fine-tune them. Some of your best work might come out of the jolt of inspiration that follows the mental block. Want to learn more techniques to develop your creative thinking and hone your skills? Check out our School of Creative Practice to explore your abilities, discover your talent, and gain creative confidence. Click here to know more.

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