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Gear up for the new age careers - Pearl Academy

Pearl Academy has recently introduced undergraduate degree and postgraduate diploma programmes in fashion and lifestyle e-commerce, sports management, journalism and mass communication, lifestyle accessory design and media and entertainment.

“The courses are designed to prepare students for the challenges and trends of each industry. They focus on providing students hands-on experience, innovation and industry focused teaching.”, Informs Sharad Mehra, CEO, Pearl Academy.

According to Neel Shah, business director, Libero Sports, who has been on the institute’s industry panel advising them on curriculum and employability, “The business of sports in India is experiencing a rapid growth. An educational background in this field is critical before you enter the industry. The sports management programmes provide students with international exposure which is vital for aspiring professionals.”

Expressing his opinion on the launch of fashion and lifestyle e-commerce course, Rahul Narvekar, CEO,, and a member of the institute’s industry panel advising them on curriculum and employability, says, “The courses will equip students with the kind of skills set that are important to succeed in the dynamic e-commerce industry.”

The courses will be offered at the institute’s Delhi and Mumbai campuses


Three-year undergraduate degree


Two-year post graduate diploma


Four-year undergraduate degree

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