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Five Creative Careers that pay well - Pearl Academy

Looking for a job that’s creatively and financially satisfying can be a tough job at times but once you have established yourself in your career there will be nothing stopping you from making a decent amount of money while doing the things you love and are truly passionate about. And if, you are great at what you do then the sky’s the limit when it comes to the sound of ‘ka-ching’ in your bank.

Here are five creative careers that pay you well and if you happen to be in one of them, chances are you will earn well with time.

Fashion Photography

As a fashion photographer you will meet and greet the biggest brands, creative directors and supermodels in the fashion world. Your body of work will grow with time and so will your name in the industry. People will stop asking you for an introduction and will begin introducing you instead. That’s when you’ll know you’ve arrived and you can command a price for the work that you do.

Film Direction

Film Direction is by no means an easy task and takes years of hard work, working as an assistant and by the time you’ve honed your skills you will have worked as an editor, photographer, set designer, writer, cinematographer, scriptwriter, screenplay writer, theatre producer and more. With a few good films on your showreel that people love you’ll be well on your way to making enough money to sustain box office failures or become an overnight success.

Fashion Design

Clothes. Fabric. Machines. Artisans. Handmade products. Assembly lines. Sewing kits. Embroidery material. Runways. Mannequins. Supermodels. Stories. Stories. If you live and breathe in this world then you are on the journey to becoming a well-to-do fashion designer.


Everyone has ideas but no one knows how to put them down on paper. People know what they want to say but stumble when it has to be finally communicated. If words are your weapons of mass creation and you can deconstruct the most complex of theories into simple, conversational messages then being a writer is what you should do. It is believed that the IQ of writers, rocket scientists and painters are all high and they share the same style of thinking. Love to write? You will make a lot of money. Don’t wait for ten years to pass by. Start writing now. Get a blog and take some pictures. Write a poem. Keep a journal. Write anything your heart desires.

Graphic Design for Print, Mobile and the Web.

If you are a user experience or user interface designer, you also need to up your graphic design skills. Simply because you need to have a visual aesthetic and real graphic designers are high in demand and short in supply today. Graphic Designers occupy high paying jobs in e-commerce companies, merchandiser teams and many big brands. If you can give a face to something, anything, anywhere then you can be a graphic designer and the world will be waiting to award and reward you.

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