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Dr. Kalam - The greatest teacher of all time - Pearl Academy

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The late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was an inspiration to mankind and the People’s President. An epitome of kindness, his demise has left a deep void in our nation. He will be remembered for generations to come as India’s most cherished Rocket Scientist, Statesman, Scholar and Author. But, there’s one role that Dr. Kalam is synonymous with and that is the role of an Educationist.

To a country of one billion plus hearts he was a beacon of light on the horizon. Just what a perfect teacher should be. The more powerful he became, the simpler he grew. At the heart of his way of doing things, was an unparalleled work ethic and creative education. Even though he is no longer with us, the idea of Dr. Kalam will continue to burn bright in our hearts and minds. Today, we want to revisit India’s greatest teacher and a few of the many lessons he taught us.

Your background doesn’t matter. Just reach for the stars.

You can be anybody you want to be if your heart is in the right place and if your intentions are true. Dr. Kalam was a simple man’s hardworking son but that didn’t stop him from doing what he loved. He taught us that no matter who you are, where you come from and what happens along the way, if your focus is right your ideas can soar.

Creative education is the only way to propel yourself towards greatness.

Education was very important to the late President. But, not just any education. A learning experience that combined theory, practical application, imagination and creativity. Creative education he believed is the singular path to the progress of a nation.

Protect your dreams and convert your thoughts into reality.

Our dreams often contain fragments from things that we truly care about. Kalam Sir truly believed that all the thoughts that form our dreams actually become a reality when we work hard with a clear focus.

The youth are our real firepower.

Dr. Kalam knew that we are one of the youngest nations in the world. He knew that every country wanted young talent from India and always looked for ways to retain our true wealth. He believed that only the youth of India could bring about a real change in the nation.

We need good teachers and a robust education system.

Without our teachers we will never be able to boast of a good growth trajectory as a country. He went to great lengths to further the cause of education in India and if we are here today, we owe to him for allowing diverse educational institutions to flourish.

Be kind to everyone.

Empathy was central in Dr. Kalam’s work and life. This is something that he tried to instill in everyone he met along the way. Greatness stems from kindness and this is something he always tried to share in his motivational talks and stories.

We will always look up to Dr. Kalam when we are stuck somewhere building something, following a dream or working on a life project.  At Pearl Academy, we would all like to stand up and give one final salute to the greatest teacher India ever had.


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