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Design Polygon – The 5 Day Marathon of Music, Drama, Literature, Films and more… - Pearl Academy



When there is no track of time, thirst and hunger vanishes, sweat is sweet and you surrender your senses to the amazing world of music, drama, literature, film, street art, mythology and all that quenches your thirst for creative expressions – you know that you are a part of DESIGN POLYGON.

For those who do not know, Design Polygon is a set of multidisciplinary workshops offered as an elective integrated module to students of foundation level at Pearl Academy’s Jaipur campus. The workshops are curated keeping in mind the emerging trends in design education, students’ interest & aspirations and Learning outcomes from the curriculum. The workshops are designed to include diverse disciplines such as music, drama, literature, film, street art, mythology, and yet offer foundation students a learning experience relevant to their disciplines.

This series of workshops or shall we say ‘Marathon of workshops’ is called Design Polygon which runs for five days where various workshops take place simultaneously. This year we have 4 amazing workshops under Design polygon which will be culminated on day 5 with presentations/sharing of the outcomes of the proceedings by our students in front of their mentors and audiences. These presentations will take place at Jawahar Kala Kendra, which is a public venue, and everybody is invited to see the outcomes of the workshops. The students are a transformed lot which is more awakened, aspirational, creative and most importantly realized the self with a potential to explore more.
Let us introduce you all to the artists who are mentoring our students during these workshops:

Maya Krishan Rao – Maya is a senior performance artist and a Professor at Shiv Nadar University. Her workshop is about gender sensitization and about developing a reflective consciousness of the self (body).

Anirudh Nair & Amba Suhasini – This dynamic duo is master in adapting Shakespeare. They will work with the students on adapting Shakespeare texts through forms of physical theater and create ensemble work with the students.

Rashmi Munnikempanna – Rashmi is a photographer and her workshop responds to the Photography Manifesto released at Les Recontres Arles Photographie, 2011 which addresses the new direction that image-making practice has taken. Over the course of five days, students will look at photographs, at photographers, at filmmakers looking at photographs while simultaneously making photographs/images.

Thomas John Kovoor– A Fine Art Sculptor and an expert in Bronze casting, Thomas has his Fine art foundry, clay and ceramic studio – Studio Sukriti’ in the pink city of India, Jaipur, which caters to domestic and global markets. The workshops will be focused on the basics of sculpting and metal casting along with some tips on entrepreneurship in this field.

Well! That was about Design polygon and what it has to offer as a whole. But stay tuned for more that we will be sharing with you.

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