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City Beautiful witnesses ‘21st Century Teachers’ workshop by Pearl Academy - Pearl Academy

40 Teachers from nearly 10 schools delved deeper into various new-age teaching and learning techniques with the experts from Pearl  Academy



IMG_21091st November, 2014, Chandigarh: In an interactive and enlightening workshop on how to become ‘21st Century Teachers’ by the expert faculty from Pearl Academy, the leading higher education institute in the arena of design, fashion and related businesses, 40 teachers gathered together in Yadavindra Public School, Mohali to learn about new-age teaching and learning techniques enhancing their pedagogical skills. The workshop witnessed participation of teachers from nearly 10 schools. Dr. Sunita Gupta Konwar, Professor-Department of Business, and Ms. Rachna Imam, Assistant Professor-Department of Foundation Business were the experts from Pearl Academy organizing the workshop.


With its aim to equip the teachers with required tools and techniques of pedagogy, this workshop enables teachers to engage with today’s generation of students more effectively, thereby, making the learning and teaching processes better in the classrooms. Additionally, this workshop was conducted by experts from Pearl Academy who are not only seasoned educationists but are also accredited with Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE) from Nottingham Trent University (NTU), UK.


Dr. Sunita Gupta Konwar, Professor-Department of Business, Pearl Academy, New Delhi

IMG_2039stressed on constant review and improvement of teaching methods in the classrooms and said, “Every student is different and so is the way they respond to teaching methods. While there are some techniques that work well for all, there are some which cater to only a section of the class. Hence, it is vital that such techniques should be revised and experimented to make them better. However, I must insist that a few students also demand a little extra attention than the rest in terms of feedback, involvement, encouragement, etc. Teachers should understand them and keep them motivated to perform well by going an extra mile.”


“Curiosity to know more and zeal to learn more are two vital attributes that the students should never loose. And, to keep these alive in students, Teachers play an important role with their teaching methodologies. The way human civilization has evolved from simple hand signs of Stone Age to an advanced e-learning age, in a similar way teaching has also transformed over the ages. It’s more of student engagement and more of media involvement such as social and online media now. Teachers have to be updated about all these and prepare more to make their classes more interesting”, said Ms. Rachna Imam, Assistant Professor-Department of Foundation Business.


It was a refreshing experience for the teachers as they all came to learn different teaching and learning methodologies to make their classroom sessions better. Not only their pedagogical skills were enhanced during the workshop, but they also realized that how much creativity is hidden in each one of them. They all were excited to use the newly found talent and were excited to use that in their teaching methods.


Apart from the teachers of Yadavindra Public School, Sec-51, Mohali, the workshop was joined by teachers from other renowned schools such as Mount Carmel School, Chandigarh; Banyan Tree School, Chandigarh; DAV Model School, Chandigarh; The Gurukul School, Panchkula;  Hansraj Public School, Panchkula; Drishti R.C. Jain Innovative School, Ludhiana; DAV Public School, Patiala; PKR Jain School, Ambala, etc.

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