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Careers in Communication Design - Pearl Academy

Michael DotoloCareers in Communication Design by Michael Dotolo, Interactive Media Designer and Area Head, School of Design at Pearl Academy

Tell us something about Communication Design?
Communication design helps students to develop a personal and visual vocabulary using skills to build artistic expression, creative strategy and design thinking, along with appropriate software tools. It equips students for content development in diverse media like motion graphics, graphics, moving image, which can be applied to video and film production, web and app design, and other interactive media.

How is Fashion Media Communication different from Communication Design?
Communication Design and Fashion Media Communication are relatively two different fields. Fashion Media Communication provides students with skills required for communicating fashion through various media formats such as journalism (print, electronic or new media), events and promotions, visual merchandising, styling, graphic design, display and exhibit design, advertising, public relations and creative writing in context of fashion promotion.

Whereas, Communication Design equips students with knowledge to create engaging content through two pathways. Graphic design is one pathway which develops a professional knowledge of print and digital media through branding, packaging and corporate design, book and magazine design, exhibition design, typography, etc. The second pathway, Interactive and Digital design allows students to explore the possibilities of designing with a variety of time-based media types, like moving image, animation, and sound with strong study of human behavior and interaction.

What interesting jobs can be offered in Communication Design?
Communication Design is already a dominant creative professional field, which reflects a set of skills that are applied to specializations for a variety of job opportunities. One can choose to become a Graphic Designer / Print Designer / Exhibition Designer / Retail Space Designer / Art Director / Advertising Professional / Interactive Media / Professional or an Entrepreneur. As the field is growing, the industry demand for creative professionals in this creative domain is also growing in many new and exciting directions.

What skill sets would give me a competitive edge in Communication Design?
To become a successful professional in Communication Design one needs to have a good understanding of developing concepts using the techniques of digital media production. The individual also needs to think creatively, be able to research trends and technological developments, and effectively plan project, which will involve a variety of media types. Additionally, networking, communication skills and knowledge of social media & marketing too plays a significant part in creation of a complete professional.

How do I select the right design school for this course?

A student should definitely consider the faculty experience, employability, Industry exposure, international experience, and a fostering of entrepreneurship that is provided by an institute, before choosing a design school. On the other hand, the institute should also be forward looking and prepare its students for what’s coming next and not just what already exists. This is particularly true with communication design, where media and how it is delivered to the individual, evolves so quickly. Students must be trained for better tomorrow and should excel in a dynamic industry.

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