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Career in Product Design - Pearl Academy

Hardik Gandhi_profile picCareer in Product Design by Hardik Gandhi, Course Leader – Product Design, Pearl Academy.

What is Product Design and how it is different from Lifestyle Accessory Design?
Product Design involves a broad approach towards designing new and innovative products. It enables students from diverse backgrounds to have in-depth knowledge to design Consumer Electronics / Consumer durables / Furniture / Medical & Healthcare products / Packaging / Toy & Educational products / Kitchenware / Lighting and luminary design / Eco-friendly and sustainable products.

Whereas, Lifestyle accessory design is intended to train designers to actively design from the most basic to high-end luxury. It has gradually evolved to address the entire spectrum of accessories and lifestyle products such as precious, semi-precious and costume jewelry, leather goods, footwear, watches, giftware, tableware, silverware, crystalware and consumer interface design.

What would be job opportunities for Product Designers?
Students can opt to become Design Entrepreneurs and Consultants. They can also be employed as product designers / Product development managers in the domestic/ international / export & manufacturing industry. Students have the opportunity to work in numerous avenues i.e. for companies (product / furnishing / materials) that are continually creating their own research or design centers or they can start their career working at various design startups operating in Product design fields.

What are skills required to be a Designer?
To become a successful professional in Product Design one needs to have a good handskills and an understanding of developing concepts using different techniques. Design methodology for areas such as problem analysis, generating ideas, visualizing and presenting can be applied to a broad set of contexts and are often helpful in other areas such as communication skills, social media. Understanding of marketing too plays a significant part in creation of a complete professional.

How does one stay creative as a Product Designer?
It is always important to capitalize on innovative opportunities. Evolving technology keeps creativity at the forefront – it’s about making sure it’s not just another light or chair or table. You have to be constantly exploring the environment around you, to have an inspiration to create something new.

How can one focus on Professional development in this area?
Apart from professional qualification, everything else is through experience be it ‘on the job’ training, or making use of support networks like trying new software and processes. More so working with designers who are already established and making use of a designer network also means that you can learn a lot without having to make mistakes. This sort of knowledge sharing is beneficial to one and all.

What things should a student look for while choosing a design school for such courses?
A design institute should be forward looking and prepare its students for what’s coming next and not just what already exists. It should prepare students for tomorrow – the workplaces, the trends, the dynamic industries. A student should definitely consider the faculty experience, employability & entrepreneurship nurturing, Industry exposure & connect and international exposure provided by the institute before joining.

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