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Career in Fashion Styling and Image Design - Pearl Academy

What is fashion styling and who are some of the famous stylists in India?
Fashion styling is to create enduring and alluring Images based on current fashion trends, social context, brand and personal identity by working with Photographers/ Designers/Creative and Art directors/Hair and makeup artists for Fashion magazines, Movies, Websites, TV commercial and Serials, Retail spaces/Celebrity and personal makeovers. The famous Stylists in India are Anaita Shroff Adhajania, Niharika Bhasin, Arjun Bhasin, Tanya Ghavri, Rhea Kapoor¸Gautam Kalra¸Edward Lalrempuia

Difference between Fashion Design and Fashion Styling and Image Design
The major difference is that Fashion Styling and Image Design orients the students towards creating a complete overall image whereas Fashion Design students are oriented towardsactually making the garments. In Fashion Styling they learn how to execute concepts in editorial and commercial space and about personal styling and image consultancy. Fashion Styling and Image Design also emphasize on “Display” as the core image and identity of retail and other spaces. However, Fashion Design creates the strong foundation in pattern cutting, garment construction alongside draping and helps student consolidate knowledge on current trends and contemporary design related to global and national markets in context of structured clothing.

What is the skill set required and what are the career options?
Passion for design, a good visual eye and a strong emotional quotient are some of the basic requirements. Often professional stylists work with styling agencies for TV and reality shows as well as with popular photographers to style portfolios. They also have an option to work as independent Fashion Stylist and Image Designer / Brand Stylist / Stylist in TV Industry and Advertising/Costume Designer for Movies/E-commerce Stylist and Curator/Personal Shopper/Fashion Magazine Stylist/Visual Merchandiser/Stylist for Fashion Shows/ Celebrity Stylist.

Is it important to have formal education to be a stylist?
It is important to have classroom understanding of this field as it will equip you with the skills required to be a successful professional tomorrow. It is critical to have an understanding of different domains such as Make-up and Hairstyling, Photography, CAD and Visual Merchandising. A 4 year UG and 2 year PG courses from a good design institute should cover all the basic elements of the above in forms of modules and workshops.

What things should a student look for while choosing a design school for such courses?
A design institute should be forward looking and prepare its students for what’s coming next and not just what already exists. It should prepare students for tomorrow – the workplaces, the trends, the dynamic industries. A student should definitely consider the faculty experience, employability & entrepreneurship nurturing, Industry exposure & connect and international exposure provided by the institute before joining.

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