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Being wired for the future - Conference on Digital Marketing at Arvind Limited - Pearl Academy

School of Creative Business students attended a conference on ‘Digital Marketing and Omni-channel Experience’ by the winner of Asia’s top 25 Marketing Professional for 2016 by Asia Retail Congress, Rahul Tripuraneni who heads Marketing @ Arvind Internet Ltd in Bengaluru. On one hand, these students who were on their study trip to Bengaluru got hands-on learning experience on the production process by visiting various factories, on the other hand, this session by Rahul helped them understand the final stage of Marketing & promotion through newer channels.

Two alumuni of Pearl Academy namely Mr Sudhanshu Jain, graphic designer at Alma Mater and Hiya Madhu, Assistant Marketing Manager at Arvind Fashion Brands Ltd. shared their own journeys from being college to now being thorough professionals. An interactive Q&A concluded the successful session.

Before the speakers could bid curious students a farewell, they were greeted with token of love and appreciation by Dr. Poonam Kumar, Ms. Ritu Jain and Mr. Bhaskar Das on behalf of Pearl Academy.
Students Insights:

Radhika Gupta:
Knowledgable and helpful as it guided us through the future and current prospects of the digital world.

Antalya Varma:
It was extremely insightful and helped in putting everything in perspective.

Genjal Jain:
It gave us new insights in digital marketing.

Keerti Bansal:
Attending the conference was a great learning experience

Wamika Chachra:
It was an enlightening and knowledgable session. Mr Tripurnaneni’s session along with the Q&A round gave me a detailed understanding about how digital marketing works and the skills required to be a part of such teams.

Kritika Goel:
Being a digital marketing enthusiast, I was able to gather a lot of information about the problems that creep in, the industry environment and the real world scenario while one works for digital market.

The session on digital marketing gave an insight into how digital marketing actually works with practical examples. The questions asked were rightfully answered and all doubts were cleared. It also made us realise the importance of DM and how it is the next big game of the industry and that we should make all attempts to learn to be digital marketers.

Roshni Anoop:
Talking to Hiya was really helpful and informative. It gave us an idea about the digital world and the career oppotunities in digital marketing.

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