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Art Exhibition at Pearl Academy NOIDA leaves visitors spellbound - Pearl Academy

Every Child is a born ArtisIMG_1484t. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.


Pearl Academy, NOIDA hosted an Art Exhibition at its campus to promote young and talented artists from Nest Fine Arts Institute, Indirapuram, recently. The five-day long art exhibition provided a visual treat to many art aficionados from the NOIDA and Delhi area.

The exhibition was inaugurated by renowned Indian Artist and Padma Shri awardee Ram V Sutar along with Kaushal Tara Sharma from the arts institute and Nien Siao, Director, Pearl Academy NOIDA.  


Padma Shri Awardee Ram V Sutar shared his thoughts during the inauguration of the exhibition and said, “These young talents are like flowers— more you help them blossom, more they will spread their fragrance in all directions in the form of their unique imagination converted into artistic expressions. We need to stimulate their minds and for this purpose, we are required to let them go free to feel the world around them. We need to help make fine arts more popular in the society, so that the talents of these people get proper recognition.

Nien Siao, Director, Pearl Academy, NOIDA, emphasized on the importance of such events and said, “We have initiated this exhibition to showcase the talent of those young and promising artists, who otherwise don’t get an opportunity to display their creative imagination. We would like this event to be organised on an annual basis so that talent of more and more deserving artists get recognition. In fact, this art exhibition is an opportunity to unleash the hidden creativity in every student.

Around 75 participants showcased their paintings at the NOIDA campus of Pearl Academy. From modern and contemporary to free art, the paintings on display are a mirror of life reflecting variety of it. The exhibition was visited by more than 1000 visitors during its 5 days making it a huge success.

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