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A Day in the Life of Pearl Academy - Pearl Academy

Whichever Pearl Academy location you plan on visiting, one thing is constant – you’ll always find something going on at our campuses. After all, we’re a design school brimming with creative people and ideas. Designers, faculty and students are always running here, there, everywhere to make things happen, to submit projects and to meet deadlines.

Recently someone asked us what it must be like to live and work on a Pearl Academy Campus so we thought we’d put out a small blog. So, here it goes:

People first.

There’s loads of freedom here to do what you love and we put our faculty and our students at the top of our list of priorities.

A melting pot.

There are students who study at Pearl from all over India. Professionals from every corner, many cultures on one campus and that’s what makes each day here brighter and happier.

Towards the new, every day.

We encourage new thoughts, ideas and sparks from anyone, anywhere in the campus to help make Pearl Academy better for the student community.

Making the most of everything.

Dealing with life, stress, time and fulfilling your heart’s desires while still pursuing an education is all about managing one’s time and adapting to change. What you do today will decide your future. Each day matters and we ask our students to make each day count and utilise it to the fullest.

We lead by example.

We don’t want to be an institute whose sole purpose is just to be a global leader. Our partners, students and faculty make us who we are and make each day happy and special.

We promote empathy.

Each day we keenly observe our campus community and we understand our user’s needs just like a designer would in the real world. This enables us to make life easier for the community. We try to make everyone work and live this way on campus.

“No. 1 Faculty in Competence.”

We were awarded the ‘No.1 Faculty in Competence’ by Hindustan Times. This could only have been possible because of the kind of people who work here. They help us in delivering quality education that’s on par with the world.

Just push play

We inspire our students to play, imagine and learn from mistakes. There’s plenty of room at Pearl to make mistakes and evolve as a design professional.

To experience a day on any Pearl Academy campus call 1800 103 3005 or email us at so that we can help organize your trip. To know more, visit our website.








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