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A ‘Canvas’ larger than life and a ‘Confluence’ with city’s reflections – Pearl Academy marks its presence at Kala Ghoda - Pearl Academy

IMG_20150207_141922063_HDR (1)Art lovers swear by the art galleries where one just wishes that the time stops; the designer boutiques with magnificent brilliance on display; never before seen performances that your heartbeat stands still; splendid crafts galore and so many cultural activities at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. The phenomenon is happening, as we speak, in Mumbai and just like every year, it is flooded with visitors from local areas, India and abroad.

Drenched in the colours of this world famous festival from top to bottom are the students from the very first batch of Pearl Academy’s Mumbai campus. How can they let go of this opportunity without showing their creativity? So, they made sure that their creativity speaks for itself and the next thing that we witness at the venue is a ‘Canvas’ larger than life and a ‘Confluence’ with city’s reflections!

IMG_20150207_142053623_HDR IMG_20150207_142205465_HDRLet’s talk about the canvas first that is wrapped around a part of the venue. Students shared that the making of the canvas was a very thrilling and challenging experience for them because of two reasons – the huge scale at which it was getting painted and the purpose for which they were painting. And, what motivated Pearlites the most to keep on painting the canvas tirelessly was to be a part of this huge festival! They literally pushed back their mentors and told them to rest as Pearlites wanted to paint the entire canvas all by themselves! Now that’s the spirit that we celebrate at Pearl Academy – passion.

Undoubtedly the experience of painting the larger than life canvas was exhilarating as students explored various textures and patterns. They also experimented by applying different materials to their creation making the canvas look more vibrant and catchy. During this process, they learnt a lot of things too.

IMG_20150207_142924638_HDRNow comes the ‘Confluence’ – the installation is conceptualized to reflect upon the identity of Pearl Academy that has produkced many a design innovators, entrepreneurs working with the industry in this very glocal world.

The installation is a sphere with multiple reflective mirrors and demonstrates fine motor skills required to conceive and interpret a public space to enhance everyone’s presence in the design environment. Things come together, and as they grow, forces of gravity cause the body to churn. The centre of gravity pulls it slowly into a spherical shape. In space there is no up or down. A sphere is a representation of balance, harmony and unity.

This installation can be very beautifully described in these beautiful lines (read on and be mesmerized):


IMG_20150207_125201025_HDRMysteries unknown

Who is on the door

Mirror mirror

Who is on the floor

Pearls of wisdom

As we all know


Loose yourself

Unveiling the shells

We all grow

Into the depth of oceans

We all flow

Pearls of wisdom

As we all know


Under the shining sun

Where selfies galore

The lore follows

From ignorance to bliss

We all mellow

Pearls of wisdom

So are you?


But wait! This is just the beginning; more fun will be there on the 13th of this month. Are you ready Mumbai coz we are!


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