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7 Ways To Spike Your Creativity In 2021

Now that we’ve bid adieu to a year straight out of a dystopian fiction, how about setting the record straight from the start in 2021? Even as we go in, with our expectations low, hopes (super) high, the best way to make 2021 our year is to own it, with our creativity. ‘Cause nothing is not possible with a bit of ingenuity, loads of imagination, and the power of action!

So here it is, without further ado, a ready reckoner to shake the webs, push out of the comfy bed (it’s hard we know!) and go create the year we deserve. Let’s dive in!

1. Go off-track: We are NOT kidding! Alter your daily schedule. If you’re a night owl, try brainstorming during the early hours of the day. And if you’re a morning person do just the opposite. You’ll definitely chance upon something new.

Image Credits: Saumya Goel

2. Tailor your own creative workstation: Stick to the basics! Declutter your workspace. But make sure you have some inspiring details – Maybe a bright dreamcatcher, polaroids from your favourite holiday or just your vision board!

Image Credits:Sonal Garg

3. Pick up your phone and make that CALL: In a world full of DMs, be that long phone call! Sometimes all your grey cells need to boost some serotonin and spark creativity is a heartfelt conversation.

Credits:Vitthal Bhat

4. Tease your Brain: With great puzzles come great (creative) thinking capabilities. So put on your thinking caps, rack your brain and start connecting the dots.

Image Credits: Hello Dumplings

5. Give time to your pastime: How many times have you experimented with your food/art/music (insert your hobby) during quarantine? This is your brain fueling your creative thoughts. Keep at it!

Credits: Manami Dutta

6. Say yes to technology: Start exploring the World Wide Web (and not just IG). Take part in virtual sessions, enroll in a new course or maybe kickstart your passion project online. You never know what might just click for you!

Credits: Yoshita Chadha

7. Keep a pair of slippers/shoes close to you: Did you know that Charles Dickens and Victor Hugo walked during ideation? Walking or some kind of exercise can increase your awareness, creativity and intellect. So get up from your bed NOW!

Image Credits: Posh Palette

And most important of all, do get back to that comfy bed (yay!) every so often. Because there’s no race. No competition. Only your own quest to fulfilment, at your own pace. So go on, may the (creative) force be with you!

Cover Image Credits: Sonal Garg

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