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7 Success Mantras from World renowned Master Planner and Architect Hafeez Contractor - Pearl Academy

The awestruck audience could hardly take their attention away from the wizard of planning and architecture Hafeez Contractor who interacted with more than 200 listeners at our Jaipur campus yesterday. The world-renowned master planner and architect shared success Mantras with Pearlites, school students, parents and our faculty members. As the Academy also offers UG and PG courses in Interior Architecture and Design, and Interior Design, the session was very useful for many.

Talking about the vitality of design, Hafeez said, “Design is about functionality, form, aesthetics and solution. A successful designer is the one who balances these and provides an answer to user’s need for a comfortable space.

Nothing is impossible if you apply your mind. And, if designers apply their mind, they can overcome the functional challenges easily.” said Hafeez about designing a useful and aesthetically beautiful piece in architecture.

Hafeez also mentioned that there is a huge scope in the domain of interior designing. “The interior designers are in demand and they also earn handsome salaries. Architecture firms need interior designers who could understand the need of their customers and provide innovative solutions.” Hafeez added further.


The maestro shared 7 Mantras with the aspiring designers for a successful career:

  1. In design, everything has to have a purpose
  2. Best design is the one that is aesthetically functional
  3. Be different, think faster and act fastest
  4. Knowledge of multiple disciplines is a must for designers
  5. With Technology comes newer possibilities, so, adopt neo tech solutions
  6. Strict time management and stringent control on Cost are crucial
  7. Best quality material is indispensable in any design

Dr. Veena Dutta, Director, Pearl Academy-Jaipur campus, said, “It was a pleasure to have Hafeez at the campus today. His immense knowledge and experience in the industry was enlightening for the audiences. Such global insights are very useful for the aspiring designers to think differently about their education and future careers.”

At Pearl Academy, we have always endeavored to bring the best of industry experts and insights for our students to benefit them with global exposure and useful tips for their bright future. Eminent industry stalwarts such as Hafeez Contractor; Prof. Roberto Fraquelli, Professor of Design and Head of Three Dimensional Design, University of Plymouth, England (UK); Jean Marc – Design Director, Marketer & Luxury Expert; award-winning Photographer Udit Kulshrestha; Digital Activist and Journalist Shubhranshu Choudhary; Musician Tritha Sinha; famed fashion designers Mumtaz Khan and Pooja Arya among many other names have been invited to the Academy and their sessions have enlightened pearlites in many ways.” added Dr. Veena Dutta further.

It is thrilling to see the experienced ones share their valuable knowledge with the budding ones.


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