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Your guide to the best vacation photography - Pearl Academy

No matter where we might be travelling to, every vacation has a similar checklist – tonnes of relaxation, getting souvenirs for friends, visiting all the local attractions, and of course, taking hundreds of pictures. But as important as it is to bring back an album full of memories, it’s also important to enjoy the here and now. So, if you want to take incredible photos while not losing focus on your getaway, go ahead and pay heed to the following tips and tricks!

Keep your equipment handy
You don’t want to miss out on a mesmerizing scene just because your battery ran out, or you don’t have enough space left on your hardware. Make sure you are keeping your device fully charged while venturing out, carrying battery backups, and keeping extra memory cards to save any regrets later!

Timing is everything
Pay attention to things like the light and shadow of a place because those are the key factors in how your photo turns out. Capture the ocean during the afternoon when the water looks the most vibrant. Portraits can be taken right before or after sunset when the lighting is just right. Staying out a little longer than the rest of the tourists will give you the best opportunity to not just take stunning shots, but also experience the true magic of a place.

Capture real moments
Move away from the popular sites and major attractions. Let your camera focus on the people in their most candid moments. Look out for the unusual, interesting aspects of the culture of the place, and quirky details. This will add a certain rawness to your photos, making them unique and your own.

Don’t hesitate to play
Feel free to let go of the done-and-dusted ways to take a photo. Put your own creative spin while shooting or editing the pictures of that famous monument. Explore different angles and try out different techniques and features on your device. Set yourself apart from the crowd.

Incorporate variety
Make your shots varied to let your photos tell a story. Document the daily life of your favourite local shop or capture the journey of food preparation at your favourite restaurant or stall. Show the scenic beauty of your vacation spot using wide-angled shots. Don’t limit yourself to pictures. Take small 5-10 second clips every hour. This will give you a chance to truly relive your trip once you get back home.

Fit in with your surroundings
Find interesting elements in your surroundings that can be a part of your shots. Take a frame within a frame. Catch the light coming out of tiny holes, or canopies to create a mystical effect. Use doors and windows to frame the subject and add structure to your image. Peak from the nooks and corners for a unique effect. Using these techniques will add depth and dimension to your photography. Reflections are also a fantastic way of switching up the perspective and showing something common from a different lens.

Have the time of your life
A vacation is a perfect occasion to create memories of a lifetime, connect with your loved ones, and learn new things about yourself. As you seize these moments for keepsake, don’t forget to keep your camera away every once in a while, and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

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