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Seizing the Career Opportunities in the Post-Pandemic World - Pearl Academy

The COVID-19 vaccine is slowly and steadily turning out to be a needle of hope for a brighter future. It is also rapidly changing the work landscape. According to industry reports, the post-pandemic environment is always marked by an increase in people getting hired. The Indian economy is set to grow at a pace of 7.2%, according to the United Nations, leading to the creation of more job opportunities.

According to forecasts, creative careers such as arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media are expected to see a boom. This is because even in the post-pandemic world, working remotely is expected to stay relevant. According to the Wall Street Journal, careers in these fields require high skills and high-skilled workers mostly produce knowledge, words, and ideas. We all know that creative work can flow from anywhere with good internet.

With the increase in vaccinations, there is also a boom in demand. This has led to 5 million more job listings than there were in the pre-pandemic world. For instance, Amazon has announced 8000 direct job openings for various roles.

Jobs with a high focus on digital platforms are bound to increase. This includes digital marketing, which brands are increasingly investing in, beauty influencing, make-up art, and more. An array of opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business owners are also soaring.

Apart from a change in the work environment, there has also been a change in people’s behaviors. They have started giving more time to things they are passionate about. We’ve all realized how important it is to follow our dreams and pursue what makes us happy. People are now willing to take the risk and leave their 9 to 5 for a more satisfactory career choice.

The pandemic brought a chance for people to indulge in learning new skills as well. From baking bread at home, to taking online courses for their interests, they have done it all. But there are many people who have discovered new talents that they want to explore more professionally.
So, whether you are looking for new job opportunities, ways to enhance your skills, or thinking of bolstering your dream career, now’s the time. And as always, whatever your end goals, we’ve what you covered.

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