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Mythology meets Fashion at #PearlPortfolio - Pearl Academy

Be it in the form of bestseller titles or television series, Hindu mythology and culture is creating waves around the world. But, certainly, there can’t be a better way to depict these elements than through the medium of fashion. #PearlPortfolio saw these elements in full bloom and glory with two very different, yet catchy themes designed by the graduating batch’s designers.

One show was themed around goddess Kali and enthused from the deity’s spirit of fighting evil and winning over the negative forces. ‘Kali Yantra’ was the inspiration behind the designs’; a yantra is a geometric symbol existing in the inner world as well as a subject to be internalised with human consciousness, thus showing the prowess of goddess Kali. Applying the concentric triangles and lotus petal shapes in the silhouettes, the final designs represented a powerful collection echoing off the woman warrior’s fierce autonomy. The designs were infused with LEDs to showcase the ray of hope that comes after destruction – depicting how Kali’s destructive nature is associated with the revival of good after the destruction of evil.

Another graduating designer brought forward her creativity inspired by the ‘mela’ – a Hindu fair or festival. Hindu melas are usually about large gatherings, which give the feel of freedom, excitement and playfulness to an individual. Melas are perceived to be happy occasions where one rejoices in life and forgets about misery and sorrow. This collection was all about positivity and showcased colourful palettes that resonated with the exuberance created by the Indian melas.

On the last day of AIFW17, these budding designers came forward with themes that brought the mythological and cultural values to life in the form of garments at #PearlPortfolio. The collection was well received by the audience as it revived the classical aesthetics and synergised traditional patterns

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