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Mumbai By Design – Everything you need to know about Pearl's landmark event - Pearl Academy

The City of Dreams, the Hollywood of India, the City of Seven Islands – one need only look at a whole host of nicknames associated with this beautiful city to understand just how dynamic Mumbai’s landscape is. The crown jewel of Maharashtra – if not India – has been captured in the creative works of artists and creators to showcase their viewpoint of this glorious city.

A glance through all these creations will bring one common factor to light – everyone’s approach to portraying the city is noticeably different. Some people focus on the beautiful view of the beaches, others prefer the sprawling web of urban infrastructure, while another section of the population would want to draw attention towards the poverty-stricken areas that most individuals tend to ignore.

Thus, everyone’s vision of how they can design Mumbai varies extensively – a statement that Pearl Academy focuses upon with one of their prestigious events, “Mumbai By Design.” Throughout the years, this event has aimed to collate ideas from students on how the various facets of Mumbai can be improved, augmented, and revamped. All of these solutions are unique and provide us with excellent insights regarding how new-age design thinkers can come up with innovative yet feasible ideas.

There are three aspects of 2019’s Mumbai By Design that serve as the key focus of this event.

Inter-college competitions

Three competitions will be held during the event, revolving around certain concepts.

Design Intervention

The first competition involves students figuring out innovative traffic solutions in Mumbai. The main aim is to make movement easier for Mumbaikars, thereby improving the health and well-being of people in the city as well. To figure out these traffic solutions, teams also need to nail down the steps required to make the railway transport system more efficient, comfortable, and accessible.

Fashion Forward

This competition aims to make the most of the scrap clothing by allowing students to exercise their creative muscles and create beautiful garments from discarded pieces of clothing.

Media – Convergence

The third inter-college competition of Mumbai By Design 2019 requires students to create various mediums on #MyMumbaiStory.

An interactive panel discussion

Being a young designer in India is a problem that many people face after graduation. This is the focal point of a panel discussion that involves industry veterans, design professionals, and students. These parties take part in a discussion that takes into account the new era of design and how up-and-coming designers can form a name for themselves in this industry.

Interactive workshops

There are three immersive workshops in the Mumbai By Design event.

Sustainable Fashion

Keeping in line with one of the inter-college competitions mentioned above, the whole point of this workshop is to place importance on wasted garments and guide students to create new forms of clothing from these discarded scraps. Fashion students would help ideate & create these garments, styling students would help models wear this clothing & help them wear makeup for the fashion walk, and business students would handle the sales by creating a pop-up store to sell this clothing after the fashion walk.

Mobile Journalism

With the continually increasing prominence of mobile devices, it’s a given that journalism needs to conform to these norms as well. This is the whole concept behind Mobile Journalism or MoJo for short. With devices like smartphones or tablets, complete coverages can be carried out without the requirement of a production crew.

Screen Printing

Pritam Arts might be a small team of only three people, but the insights they have when it comes to the art of screen printing is invaluable. After all, they own a 30-year-old family-run silk screen printing press, which means they’ve certainly done their fair share of experimentation. Thus, they’ll have many insights to share when it comes to carrying out screen printing.

Mumbai By Design is shaping up to be quite the event. A slew of inter-college competitions, an enlightening panel discussion, and immersive workshops that will provide you with a whole host of knowledge contribute to an event that will be equal parts entertaining and informative.

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