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#MakingDesignVisible – A Perspective from the eyes of Pearlites - Pearl Academy

Since last 25 years, we have been defining fashion and design as departments of growth and development, contributing to the society. Our designs are not only limited to clothes but also narrows down to the design of products, lifestyle and architecture.

Our students are always on the lookout for creating something that is unique and novel. The constant urge to generate new versions of design at different platforms helped us in envisioning ‘Making Design Visible’ – looking at Mumbai’s famous locales from a new perspective. If you have ever been to Mumbai, you must have been privy to the hustle-bustle of the city. Apart from its diversity and culture, the city is famous for its architecture. But have you ever seen the famous sites beautified with a touch of architectural design? A design that is visible to each one of us, a design which appeals to our aesthetic sense?

To give the architecture of Mumbai a new feel and touch, we decided to host a three-day event in our Mumbai campus. The initiative was taken forward by students of the design school under the expert guidance of distinguished personalities from ADI (Association of Designers of India).

ADI is managed by the National Executive Committee, wherein the institution is committed to promoting the best design practices professionally in the industry. We were delighted to be associated with them for this design initiative. Our students and teachers brainstormed together to give Mumbai’s famous places an architectural overhaul. The basic idea behind this campaign was to create an urban jungle of Mumbai, through the students’ perspectives. The design students worked extensively on giving a different look to the locales of Mumbai.

The locales that were shortlisted for the same were as follows:
– Borivali Station
– Bank of Baroda Andheri Metro Station
– Airport Departure Terminal
– Nanalal D Mehta Garden (Under Matunga Flyover)
– Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC)
– Palm Beach Road (Jewel of Navi Road)

Our design students went to these places to understand how exactly they can fabricate their designs in these modern architectural patterns and styles. It took them three months to get into the very essence of the campaign and coming out with successful installations inspired all by design.

We invited eminent bloggers to come and experience the designs that showcased a new perspective of the public locations in Mumbai. The event kickstarted with a panel discussion, which was attended by eminent names from ADI.
The second day had a lot of design workshops under the guidance of designer and artist KK Murlidharan. He taught our students various theories with which they can use their skills and creativity. The third day saw the influencers coming and experiencing the designs. The influencers were seen interacting with the students, understanding their designs. Owing to its uniqueness and perspective, the rendition on BKC was the one that really stood out and got the maximum applauds. It was a novel design that was made keeping in mind the environmental issues. The students made good use of wasted egg racks and combined it with colourful threads to give an aesthetic look and feel.

The three-day long event, included various design workshops, a panel discussion with eminent speakers and experiential sessions with the influencers. It was an endeavour to showcase the detailed thought process and reasoning that goes behind every design in our surroundings.
This event in many ways was an eye-opener to witness the everyday scenes of Mumbai architecture from a whole new perspective.

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