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Launching School of Media & Journalism - The Feature of Journalism - Pearl Academy

Pearl Academy, India’s leading institution in design, fashion, creative businesses and media hosted a panel discussion with eminent journalists for the launch of its new School of Media and Journalism in New Delhi. Pearl Academy is moving ahead to revamp the way media and journalism course is taught in India. They did it successfully with luxury brands, then with fashion communication and now they are foraying into the field of journalism, looking to make students ready for tomorrow.
As a part of this digital launch, eminent personalities like Shubho Sengupta, Brand Consultant, Anirban Roy, Digital and Social Media Jockey, Ex Network 18 and WSJ India, Ruhail Amin, Editorial Lead, Business World and Exchange4media, Sahil Mohan Gupta, Editor-in- Chief, Gizmodo, PCMag India and TechSpot India and Taruni Kumar, Associate Editor, The Quint, came together at Pearl Academy’s New Delhi campus to discuss about the new age of mass media. that was simultaneously broadcasted on the institution’s Facebook, Twitter profiles and the website.
Meha Jayaswal, Area Head, School of Media and Journalism, moderated the discussion and asked questions on the role of a journalist in today’s attention span deficit era. Looking at the importance and gravity this issue holds in the minds of aspiring students, Taruni pointed out to the necessity of producing credible news. The way social media news spreads rumours, having the knowledge of the authenticity of sources of rumours is the need of the hour, she further suggested. Vikrant also supported the point made and added that the essence of journalism is still the same. While the mediums to spread the news have multiplied, one needs to know the audience of each medium and report accordingly; he voiced out.
While the students anxiously saw the answers and queries being justified by the panel, the discussion gradually shifted towards one of the biggest trends that have changed the way publishing works i.e. social media. Ruhail had a good take on the question where he mentioned that people nowadays don’t go to news sites directly but are redirected from social media sites. So, the biggest challenge is to break the news into a tweet in a way that it attracts readership. Sahil advised the aspiring students to not to rush to break the news. First, one must not forget to verify the stats and facts from the ground.
The event also covered topics like what are the quality parameters for the new age journalism, how do journalists add value to the news and how has the process of news gathering changed. Some doubts on the skill sets required for the new age journalists were also cleared. Having extensively worked with newer formats of reporting, Sahil and Taruni also explained that how start-ups attract young minds to work for them and what are the benefits of working in such companies.
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