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Kaalpanik Katha - a project by Ayush Kejriwal - Pearl Academy

Do you believe in God and legends? Do you think the myths that have become historical tales are real? Since our early days, we have been told about millions of God; each in a different country, mythology and so. The two greatest mythologies Ramayana and Mahabharata tell us about Ram, Ravana, Pandavs and many other human beings who had great power residing within them. There are war described which were very tricky to be thought of. Magic was one thing used in those tales. Now again, they are called as ‘mythologies’ which means it is still a mythical story and not practically proved. War causes stress. Many die during it and the one who survive them have a very strong dreadful and brutal feeling with them throughout their lives. What if, the stories we hear are nothing but the traumatized section of those survivors speaking? Probably, the war was between the two countries. The trishuls and arch that were used were nothing but war equipment same as used today- missiles and guns, while the flying chariots were aircrafts. The feud mentioned was also probably a conflict between two countries rather than two kings. Those kings must have probably been the presidents of their respective countries. Euphoria, the survivors experienced after waking from amnesia because of the war. The happiness blurred out and left a confusing story behind. Probably, the powerful kings will be only legends that we hear stories of, and are not real. Just how if we take the example of North Korea and the United States of America, if a nuclear war starts between them, the hallucinations will happen again. The missiles and weapons will clear out a massive area of land. Then yet again, one will be remarked as Ram and other as Ravan. The mythological stories will emerge again making the point of good and evil with the miraculous involvement of Gods and Goddesses. Probably.

Watch this intriguing video and decide.

Project by Foundation student – Ayush Kejriwal

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