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How the Thriving Wedding Industry can Forge your Career - Pearl Academy

If India is recognised for anything across this whole wide world, it is for its vibrant tradition, culture, and, the big fat weddings. The days when Indian weddings were organised by family members, relatives, and friends are long gone. With each passing year, Indian weddings are getting more grandeur and exorbitant. Every third party manufacturer or retailer involved with marriage related goods breathlessly awaits the wedding season to expand their business.

A few decades ago people scarcely thought about the lavish wedding function that has now become a trend and, arguably, a compulsion. However, few are complaining; at least not the businesses and associated players because of the high influx of business opportunity that comes along with it. Today, everyone, from those in entertainment to décor, beauty clinics, cosmetic giants, travel, tourism, and even matrimonial web sites are reaping the benefits from the ever-growing presence of the wedding industry. There are wedding planners businesses who are ready to make all the required arrangements required in an Indian wedding, from beginning to end, for lucrative amounts. The primary factors contributing to this sustained growth in the wedding industry are explained below –

Recession-Proof Business

One of the striking features of the wedding industry is that it is free from the shackles of recession. Weddings continue to take place each year, rarely influenced by external factors. While in India, different regions and cultures have different wedding seasons, it can be easily concluded that the planning process and pre-wedding events take place across the year.


Personalising and customising wedding experiences has become a prominent trend in recent times. Couples want everything from the drinks menu to the invitations to the decor to symbolise their personalities and love story in some way or the other. Customisation impacts a host of other elements of a wedding such as makeup, photography, videography, wedding planning, catering, event planning, florist, jewellery designer, dress designer, and tailoring, amongst so many others.

Destination Weddings

Recent reports have suggested that members of the affluent economic strata are preferring places like Jaipur, Udaipur, Kerala, and Goa and other tourist hotspots/exotic holiday locations, for their destination wedding. Similarly, there are individuals who are flying to foreign destinations as well for their weddings and honeymoons. This has increased the demand for wedding planners. Indians are ready to go to extreme extents just to make their wedding look grand and memorable.

Pearl Academy offers a one-year course in Wedding Planning, aimed at kickstarting students’ entry into the wedding industry at a young age. Additionally, if you are more fashion inclined, you could hone your makeup skills with the Celebrity & Bridal Makeup course, which is also one year long.

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