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How Pearl's "Mumbai By Design" initiative is bringing in a fresh wave of new talent - Pearl Academy

There’s a massive outcrop of imaginative and talented individuals in India who have the talent to craft brilliant pieces of art once their skills have been honed. The sheer amount of untapped potential present all over the country is nothing short of astounding, and one can only wonder just how creatively inspired the country can genuinely be once these people are provided with the opportunities they rightly deserve. However, this is an ideal situation, and things – more often than not – are never ideal.

While it’s true that India is brimming with creative geniuses from top to bottom, there’s a severe dearth when it comes to the majority of these people even catching a break in the first place. This is especially true for the less-than-privileged section of the population, where people who might possess such stupendous talent are weighed down by their situation and the “realistic” goals that they need to set instead. It’s this mentality that has stifled what could prove to be the pioneering creative generation of the country.

Thankfully, this grievous situation has not gone unnoticed – groups and organisations have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that these children are provided with the opportunities they rightfully deserve. Just take a look at The Salaam Baalak Trust – an NGO that carries out the noble task of providing homeless children with the childhood they rightfully deserve by raising funds and organising numerous events.

The NGO initiated a joint effort with Pearl Academy to tap into this vast pool of unutilised talent in the glorious city of Mumbai. After all, the fact of the matter is that the City of Seven Islands is known to house some of the most creative geniuses in India, and it’s almost a crime for some of these gifted children to remain dormant as they lie stuck in a rigid environment without any outlet for them to express their creativity.

This joint initiative labelled as “Mumbai By Design,” where Pearl Academy provided the children from the Salaam Baalak Trust with a platform to exercise their creative muscles as they allow the new generation to portray how they view the Hollywood of India from their unique viewpoint. It’s this artistic freedom that will allow the next wave of fresh talent to explore their creative horizons, while simultaneously showing Mumbai in a new and illuminating light.

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