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Finding your voice in the world of modern media - Pearl Academy

From reading a newspaper every morning with a cup of hot chai to scrolling through the headlines on your smartphone, media has greatly evolved in the past few decades.

In the digitally focused world, the way people interact with news is very different from traditional media. Now, people have an option to give their feedback, share their own opinions about a topic, and even add on to the news pieces.

Citizen journalism has also taken a front seat due to social media platforms. While it offers information from parts that might otherwise be out of reach of traditional media sources, it also brings its own sets of challenges. The most damaging consequence is the rising and widespread problem of fake news.

To navigate such a world, we need skilled journalists who can maintain the authenticity of the news. But how can a budding journalist find his or her voice in the dynamic and modern environment? Read on to find out.

1. Be cognizant of your strengths
Recognize your strong points and work on enhancing them. Can you explain complex ideas concisely and make mundane topics engaging? Can you find a story where there appears to be none? How relentless and investigative are you when it comes to finding the root of a problem and its possible solution? Take note of your abilities, interests, and inclinations. This will help you build and develop your niche.

2. Hone your research skills
Laying a strong foundation for a story requires a tonne of groundwork research. It is very essential to verify your sources not once or twice, but many times. It’s also important to try and look at things from multiple perspectives, view both sides of the coin, and present a holistic view to your audience. This will help in building credibility and steer you clear of any bias.

3. Find a story in mundane things
There’s a story even in the dullest moments of everyday life. Your job as a journalist is to explore and discover these stories and talk about issues that are often overlooked, misrepresented, or purposely subdued. This will help not only help you bring something unique to the table, but also bring you the satisfaction of unearthing truth and bringing justice to stories

4. Practice constant learning
No matter which career path you choose to walk on, learning new things and upgrading your skills are always going to be essential companions in your journey. This holds true especially for journalism. Make sure that you dive deep into each topic you’re covering and have complete knowledge about it.

5. Engage with your audience
For a modern-day journalist, it’s paramount to keep conversations open with the audience. Social media gives an incredible platform to interact with people, know their thoughts, and take their feedback.

6. Never miss a chance to work on a Human-interest story
Every individual has a story to tell. Human-interest pieces add a touch of relatability and interest among the audiences. Many a times, ordinary life can be full of inspiring lessons that must be heard by all. Delving into these can be a great opportunity to add on to your portfolio.

7. Have confidence in your beliefs
If your opinions can be backed by facts and logical reasoning, it’s important to stand by them with confidence. It’s important to be a good listener with an open mind while having the courage to fight for your viewpoints.

If you think you have what it takes to make a mark in the modern media world, Pearl Academy Undergraduate and Post Graduate courses in Media will help you hone your skills. Our faculty comprises of leading media experts with years of on-field experience. They will mentor you and enable you to polish your strengths. Along with this, our industry-level masterclasses, unsurpassed opportunities, and global platforms will help you not only find your voice but also have it heard.

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