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Designing the perfect home workstation - Pearl Academy

Having an office merely 10 feet away from the bedroom, not having to get stuck in traffic every day, and spending tons of time around family – these used to be things straight out of our dreams just a few years ago. Now that it’s a reality, we can’t help but wish that life goes back to normal soon. But in these challenging times, we must accept the new normal and make the best out of the situation. The first step towards reclaiming a sense of normalcy is by giving ourselves a positive environment to work in that we can look forward to spending the day at.

So here are some tips to creating a perfect workstation that can boost your productivity and increase your focus.

1. Find a dedicated area
First and foremost, it’s important to find a nice and quiet place where you can work on your latest masterpieces without any interruptions. Invest in a comfortable chair and try to accommodate a standing desk as well, to help you maintain a good posture and healthy body.

2. The art of minimalism
Less is more! Keeping a work area minimal and clutter-free will give you a chance to avoid distractions and reach the peak of your efficiency.

3. Space-saving and functional
It is essential to make the space functional and practical to use. Stack the things you need the most so that you can easily grab them with the move of an arm. Use ergonomic furniture and smart storage unit to make everything compact and effortless.

4. H2O For The Win
Remember, hydration is important. Take care of your health by simply keeping a big bottle of water near you and drink up every few minutes!

5. Lighting is the key
As important as lighting is for that flawless ‘grammable picture, so it is in keeping your energy up, lifting your mood, and helping you achieve your work goals before the sun goes down! Make sure you’ve got plenty of natural light coming in and the place is well ventilated.

6. Make way for some inspiration
Don’t forget to put up your favorite quote, your inspo-board, or simply a pretty painting that can motivate you and serve as a reminder on why you’re doing this in the first place. Don’t hold back from keeping things to exercise your mind like a Rubik’s cube, a stress ball, or a Sudoku puzzle during your well-deserved breaks.

7. Don’t forget to add some personal touch
Feel free to personalize the space to make it truly your own. Add a picture of family and friends, or a pet, scented candles, a potted plant – anything that makes you feel happy, reduces stress, and lets you indulge in some moments of Zen.

With many organizations in talks about moving towards permanent work-from-home or hybrid work models that lets you choose your place of work, home offices might be one of the things we take with us even after the pandemic is long gone. This makes it necessary for us to create a workstation with our physical and mental health in mind and that also forms a separation between our work lives and personal time. So go ahead and build your little work desk and don’t forget to have fun with it!

If you’ve already made your perfect workplace, are obsessed with transforming an area into an aesthetic and purposeful space, our Interior Design and Styling course is definitely for you! It’ll help you learn all about building well-designed interiors and nurture your skills. If you’re full of innovative ideas for the upcoming future, knock on Pearl Academy’s door and say hello to making your dreams come true!

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