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A Date with Dior - Pearl Academy

14th Feb, when one spends the entire day with their loved ones, or occupy themselves in doing the thing they love the most. That’s it, but just imagine if the day is full of surprises for you and makes you the happiest person in the world with some unique celebrations.

Just imagine, what can be more fabulous than a makeover session at Dior on a Valentine’s day? Wondering how it can be possible? Where luxury is about creating experiences that make memories, Pearl Academy made it pleasant for its fashion designing students and gave them some great memories to take back home on the most romantic day of the year.

Christian Dior, most often people associate the brand with bright red lips. When anyone wears Dior products, the automatic thought of luxury, haute couture, and desire comes into mind. Every product that it offers has a story that has changed the world.

Let’s have a look at the reason why Pearl Academy chose Dior makeover as it’s first preference. The house of Dior is not anything new that we have come across. Instead, it possesses an incredibly rich history and timeless designs. From the very beginning, the brand has never stopped whisking people away with its innovative approach to fashion and magical collections.

All the colour and shine of Dior will be with you for hours with an unrivalled texture. To witness the same feeling, fashion designing students went to Dior store. Students started the day with fun-filled lectures, with no clue what surprises the other side of the day will bring to them. Surprisingly two girls were the lucky ones to be chosen to go for a makeover session with a special makeup artist at Dior, Select City Walk, Saket, New Delhi.

Yes, it was Dior, they had no words to express how they felt with this announcement. Simply awestruck!

Putting their best foot forward to experience THE DIOR MAKEOVER, the students were introduced to a makeup artist who took them through what Dior Makeup is all about and shared everything he knew about Dior. It was a perfect learning experience for the girls as they experienced the class of Dior eye makeup and simultaneously learnt how to do it and how to choose certain shades over others for different skin types.

Another noteworthy thing about this experience was that the students were given time to practice what they learnt. To add to the amazing dream-like experience, makeup artists made them try their latest launch ‘Poison perfume.’, which worked as a cherry on the cake.

This appointment complemented the theoretical learnings that students have in class as they could practically relate a lot of components of branding that they have studied. In a nutshell, it was a thrilling and immensely satisfying exposure for the luxury brand management students.

Someone has rightly said that ‘A girl should be two things classy and fabulous.’ 14th Feb 2017, couldn’t have gotten better than this! Pearl Academy looks forward to conducting more of such experiential learning programs for the students. Try adding more colours to your days and make them a memory with Pearl Academy.

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